Why Small Businesses India Should Use Social Media To Generate Leads

February 10, 2016

Why Small Businesses India Should Use Social Media To Generate Leads

You have tried many things for your business promotion. Now it’s time to allow your business to flourish on social media!  Social media is one of the main used medium for business promotion and find out sales leads these days. This medium is gaining popularity day by day and has become a powerful tool for brand promotion and business lead generation.

The market reports confirm that about 70% of B2B marketers are using this medium for success in their business. Most of them confirm that the use of social media has increased sales and helped them to keep prospective clients or customers engaged and satisfied.

social media ratios

It means social media is a perfect platform to share the information of your business in different ways and influence your marketing plans directly. It lends hands for content sharing and you can get access of data of your followers easily. It has become a leading channel for content marketing globally.

Social Media – An Effective Way of Communication

In a recent study Nielsen reveals, about 35 % of customers think that the brands communication on social media is an effective way of advertising and branding and it help them to get valuable insight from the other buyers’ or clients experience.

social media ratios


It means if you share valuable content on social media, it also do word to mouth marketing for you at low cost. Using social media for sharing interesting facts about your business and service can do wonders with offering significant benefits like; network expansion, increased brand value and authenticity by providing access to new business opportunities and sales lead generation.

Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

The image given below shows the difference between traditional and social media. Social media marketing is a multi-way marketing that bridge the gap between a brand and its customers. It make quick and easy to connect brand <-> customers and customers <->customers. On the other hand traditional marketing is a one way of communication from brand <->customers.

social media vs traditional marketing

Understanding the art of Lead Generation through Social Media

By spending time on social media, you can yield high number of sales. However when you start a social media campaign, you should keep in mind the below given points:

Follow A Well Planned Strategy

Before flying into the sky of social media, determine your goals and what objective do you want to achieve by using this tool. To bring value and more number of followers on your social page, follow-up a well planned strategy so that your prospects feel engaged and starts asking for the business.

Be Determined for your Objectives

You should have understandable and definable objectives! Despite the fact that you are using social media for PR or marketing communication, be stick on your goals and keep your social profile specific, realistic and attainable with timely sharing of amazing posts and updates.

Do a lot of research

Using social media for business development demands a lot of research. Take on generous research to understand the demands of the target audience and also put extra efforts and research well to determine relevant platform for sharing the information with your competitors.

Developing a List of different Social Media Sites and Using Them Efficiently

Social media websites are abundant. Shortlist the relevant one’s for you or your business and start off sharing the information in the form daily updates. You can start off with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and some other blogs initially.

Don’t Act Seriously on Social Media

Don’t act seriously on social media! Present yourself in a way so that people wants to follow you and like your brand.

Try to Add Value Every Time

It is very important to provide you prospective customers or clients some sort of every time. If you are not doing this, it means you will fail to drive leads through your social media account. 

Highlight Your Offers and Any Other Special Information

Without highlighting your offers and discounts your social media promotion tactics may fail. So, publicize your offers and other special discount to attract prospect.

Generate Reference List

Social media can be used to generate references and to know about the interested prospects. If you have a long list of references, it means you can succeed to make an impression on your competitors as well. You can also find that which prospect is interested to do business with you.

Be Open for Two way Communication

Social media is a two way communication. You can broadcast your content online but be ready for an open discussion from both the directions. If somebody starts asking questions, mix up the answers with providing the maximizing information about your business and services.

Strong Call-to-action is Important

A strong call-to-action (CTA) is very important to run a social media campaign successfully. You should be clear about what you want from your audience after consuming your update or content feed.

Key Elements That Helps

The mentioned social media channels can transform your lead generation efforts into sales. Here’s what it really help you to promote your business on social media.

key elements of social media


What Type of Content should be shared on Social Media?

 What types of content to be shared on social media for lead generation? The metric of content sharing varied industry wise as each segment cater the audiences who has different test and preferences in their life.  However the suggested points are the best for every business and industry.

New Information

Everybody likes new and fresh information. Get something new and exciting for your prospects so that they feel motivating about what you have for them in daily sharing and offers.

Start discussion and Answers to Questions Quickly

When you share new information, it is obvious that you receive more questions to answers. It is important that you give answers to every question honestly and avoid providing wrong information about something you are not aware of. 

Sharing Real Success Stories

Sharing of real success stories is another way about show your products and services. You can hide confidential information about your previous client but can present his experience with you in a great way.

Blog, Article and Video Sharing

Be a complete resource of information for you client. Share the latest news and happenings of your industry and share with your prospects or clients regularly. Tie the information about your company and services in the article in a specific way and how it can be helpful for prospects. 

Trends in India

There are plenty of sources who defined impact of social media in business leads generation nationally and internationally. As per the Digital DNA State of eMarketing India 2015, Octane Research:

  • 69 % B2B Marketers confirmed Social Media as a primary content marketing activity.
  • 23 % B2B marketers generate 30 per cent plus of revenues through content marketing on social media.
  • 20% of smaller businesses make 50 per cent plus profit by using this media.
  • 52% B2B marketers are using social media as an efficient customer engagement tool in India
  • Social media helps to increase the chances of success of Email marketing which is one of the leading content marketing activities
  • 71% believes that social media influence popularity that support in email marketing campaigns

How Using Social Media Right- SMEjoinup A Complete Solution Provider

Sometimes it is hard to believe social media has become a powerful marketing tool! What if you are not aware about how to use this media efficiently? Is anyone who can help you? Yes, SMEjoinup is all about how to create an effective marketing strategy through social media!

It is a leading B2B marketplace and doing extremely well through its social media pages. It is using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other elements to educate small businesses, B2B marketers, startups and entrepreneurs who look for B2B services in:

  • Business Process Consulting/Outsourcing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Franchising
  • HR and Payroll
  • IT Infrastructure /Cloud Infrastructure
  • Legal Services
  • Mobile Development
  • Raise Funds and Loans
  • Recruitment
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Advertising and brand promotion and many more

It shares a full package of information in the form of blogs, videos, images, newsletters, and emails to different industries leaders.

Additionally, if you are looking for outsourcing source which can handle your social media promotion and marketing campaign well, SMEjoinup is a good source as it has a huge list of verified B2B marketer companies like Lead Squared, Mark and Make Media.

For more details call on SMEjoinup services helpline 07838006101 or can forward their queries request@smejoinup.com. 

 image source:lystrategicmarketing.com, www.cxshift.com, omexpert.com corporateleaderscommunications.com

February 10, 2016

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