Whiteboard Video - The Do's & Don'ts You Should Know

May 30, 2018

Whiteboard Video - The Do

Whiteboard videos are trending at the moment. While whiteboard video can work wonders for your business, they still have to be efficient for them to provide any results. So does it mean you can create a Whiteboard animation video and you will immediately reach a million views?  Unfortunately not. In the internet era where thousands of whiteboard videos are created every day, just cool isn’t enough! There’s more to whiteboard videos than just grabbing a pen and writing a script.


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Whiteboard Videos You Should Know 



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Do Start With Your Message First

Use a message based first on storytelling rather than dry technical data or statistics. 

Nobody can resist a well told story. As human beings, we live for stories, we can’t help but be attracted to them. Use this power of attraction, and, instead of just trying to make a sale, tell a story – present your content using storytelling.

People learn through stories. They engage the viewer and keep them watching. Facts tell but stories sell.

Do Focus On A Single Message

Trying to stuff too much information into one whiteboard video will dilute your content, so stick with one topic at a time. Narrow your material down to a single lesson or demonstration to avoid confusing your target audience.

Do Make Your Message A Marketing Message

Make your message a marketing message focused on customers, and not focusing on company. Prospects are always asking themselves, “What’s in it for me?” Your whiteboard animation should reflect that by staying focused on benefits to the customer… or solving a problem that they have.

Do Keep It Traditional

What makes a traditional whiteboard video? Three basic things: the white background, the continuous black drawing and the hand. You’ll be reading about all of these things in a minute, but remember – these are the basic characteristics of whiteboard animation videos.

This is what gives it a recognizable style, and even though you’re allowed to add some personal details, you should keep things traditional.

Do Animate Your Whiteboard Video Characters

Whiteboard animation videos are far more engaging than other forms of 2d animation because we get to see the characters come to life on screen. But what if the characters could be animated rather than remaining as static images on the whiteboard? Wouldn’t that be more engaging to the audience?

Do Use Emotional References

Whiteboard animated videos have the possibility to deliver a complex message in a simple way. The reason behind using the simple methods is that they can be whatever you want them to be – Happy, light, funny, and also nostalgic, empathetic and emotional.

Use your audience’s emotions in your favor; as we all know that storytelling is so powerful, this can be done by adding elements to the story that makes your video much more memorable. Appeal to your audience’s emotions to generate identification.

Do Connect The Whiteboard Drawings 

Make sure every drawing is connected to each other, so as to create one whole storyline. The drawings must be connected.  A well done whiteboard video will keep your audience interested, because they will always be wondering what comes next. Why? Because they are watching how the story is being drawn, how it takes shape, so it will keep the spark of interest in your viewers, creating anticipation.

Whiteboard videos is about continuous and interconnected drawings, and not individual ones. Of course, you will probably have to clean the whiteboard sometimes, but try to do this as few times as possible, because it could break the story into too many pieces, making you lose your audience’s attention.

Do Adopt Vertical Video Styling

It’s not 2010 anymore. You can’t ask your audience to turn their phones to watch your videos.

94% of the time users hold their phones vertically. There has been a tremendous spike in vertical videos online from a mere 5% to a whopping 30% in just 5 years. A trend that started with Snapchat has spread like wildfire today. Now the world is gearing up for a vertical video take over.

In this era, won’t it be great if you can make your whiteboard video vertical?


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Don’t Make A Whiteboard Video With Sales On Your Mind

No one stands hard-selling ads anymore. Most people only pay attention to valuable and useful content on the Internet. So, try solving your audience’s problem first; later on you’ll have plenty of time to advertise your product or service without being so pushy. Present your company as the answer to their problem.

Don’t Speak Abbout Your Product’s Feature First

You may be eager to show your product’s features at the beginning of your explainer video, but that wouldn’t be wise. If you focus on the features first, your video will become the kind of ‘show-off’ ad we are trying to avoid. It’s always better to explain the features later on in your video, after you engage your viewers with a compelling story that focuses on their problems first.

Don’t Make Your Whiteboard Too Long

A good Whiteboard video is short and to the point. Studies show that most viewers will not watch a video over two minutes long. In fact, 60% of them will stop watching around that time and 45% of them will stop after only one minute.

One of the main advantages of a Whiteboard video is the ability to convey complex messages quickly and effectively. We recommend that you choose a length of about one minute and a half so you have the viewer’s attention throughout the whole video.

Don’t Be Tempted Use Lot Of Colors

Traditionally Whiteboard Animations are designed to be black drawings on a whiteboard, and that’s what made them so special. You can use colors, but be sure to use them wisely and in small doses. Use the paint in specific places to create an atmosphere or to refine messages and important points for example, painting your company logo.

Don’t Lose Track Of Your Target Audience 

Your whiteboard video content must entertain, educate or inform your prospects to engage them. Content marketing is all about presenting your target audience with information they seek – not details you think they need to know. Prioritize the needs and interests of your prospects when creating your video to earn their trust.

Don’t Sweat Over Small Things

Whiteboard videos are one content type where absolute perfection isn’t necessary. They’re intended to be more casual, so a little flub here or there won’t cause your audience to lose respect for your company.

Don’t Try To Fit All Info In One Video 

Your video should be a powerful synthesis of your product or service. It’s useless to try to cover every aspect of it in your explainer video. Remember that you only have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention. Avoid being dull and boring because viewers will drop off before meeting your call-to-action. We don’t want that, do we? Choose the information you’re giving in your video wisely and make sure every second counts.

Don’t Apply Complex Jargons

Some words may be vital to convey your business idea, but most business jargon is just confusing for your audience. Your target audience should understand what you’re talking about. Make sure you double-check your video and search for complex jargon and remove it.


Wrapping Up

Whiteboard animation video is much in vogue, today businesses are widely adopting it as it has proved to be very effective in terms of engagement as well as education. Follow these whiteboard video do’s and dont’s to capitalize on a genre of videos that is still making waves across several industries. So what are you waiting for?



May 30, 2018

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