What Should Your Invest In - Website Designing Or Website Development?

August 14, 2017

What Should Your Invest In - Website Designing Or Website Development?

Although website designing and development are two different terms altogether, the general tendency is to confuse one with the other. Often when you want to revamp your business, you need to update your existing website or build a new one. However, the one question that confuses us the most is the kind of professional services that can help you do the job effectively.

It is imperative that you hire the right kind of professionals, be it from a web designing company or from a web development company. All you need to do is to analyze the kind of work that is required on your website and the kind of agency that can offer you that.

While a bit of tweaking and updating can be handled through website design outsourcing and doesn’t involve extensive coding and layout changes, building a website from the scratch of doing major changes in the layout or structure of the website would require website development services.

If this still confuses you, let us analyze what services and expertise a website designing company and a web development company come with and understand which one your business actually needs.

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What services does your business actually need – Website Designing or Website Development?

So we are basically talking about four major types of professional services when it comes to website building or developing. These are:

  • Full stack development
  • Back end development
  • Front end development
  • Web designing

The front end service is basically that which involves creating a layout and frame for your website. Usually done with HTML, Javascript or CSS coding, these services enable the creation of the part of the website which the user interacts with.

The backend service involves making the website functional and operational. This might not involve a lot of coding and each website development outsourcing professional chooses to work on a particular language or a set of languages they are comfortable with.

Full Stack development is a combination of front end and backend development and only website development services which come with many years of experience can handle it full stack development efficiently.

Then we have website designing which is basically creating a visually appealing website using trending techniques and UI/UX interfaces. This is normally done with Photoshop though there are many other newer tools available now.

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So what do you actually need?

#1. Enriched User Experience

If your answer is this, then we are actually looking at web development services. While website designing can provide you with an enhanced visual appeal, only a web development company, particularly a full stack developer can only provide you with an end-to-end website development right from scratch. However, you can opt for a backend developer in case you already have a functional website.

#2. E-commerce Data Management

In this case, you would need a front end web development services that would enable easy navigation between web pages and a responsive page which loads with ease. E-commerce website design should have an effective navigation between the main page to the shopping cart, the integrated payment page, and the checkout page. Here also, if you don’t already have a functional website, you would need the support of a full stack web development team.

#3. Improved Aesthetic look or content development

This would require a web developer to make it possible. Only a website development company with extensive experience in programming languages like Java, Ruby, Pearl, PHP, and Python can help you improve the overall aesthetic look of your website.

#4 New website

If you are a new business and require a new website, you need to invest in both web designing, and web development as everything needs to be planned, coded and executed right from scratch, and you would need experts from both sectors to help you build the virtual face of your business. While a designer can help you give a design to your idea and help you design your logo and text font, a designer would bring the entire design to life through coding. They would also help in making the page more responsive and easy to load.

#5 Enhanced look

Now, this is where a web designing company would be able to help you effectively. If all you require is minor tweaks on the overall design and updated images you can make that happen by website design outsourcing. They can create the overall visual effect that an end user sees on your websites like the navigation bars, icons, and images. However, if what you need is a new web design itself, you would again require the help of a full stack website development company as the web designers don’t normally possess the technical skill set which is needed to bring the design to function. They would not be able to develop the backend coding which is required for the design to work as desired.

#6 Usable Design and Logo Change

It is the role of a web designer to create that special look which would be required by your developer to integrate their user experience. It would be their job to actually take your business concept and turn it into a website which represents your business in the online marketplace. They would also be responsible for designing your business logo, deciding the color coding and palettes which would be used for your website. If you want to ensure that your website is readable and viewer friendly in terms of visuals and fonts, you have to invest in good website designing services for your business.

Website Designing and Web Development

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In Conclusion

While it is easy to observe that a web development agency does the most complex part of website development, one can’t overlook the contribution of a web designing company. Website designing is often under-rated and ignored by businesses, and too much of focus is given to complex coding and layouts. This makes the entire website aesthetically poor and unappealing. Hence, it is very important that you analyze your current website and understand what exactly it needs with respect to its content and design before deciding to invest in a website designing or development company.

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August 14, 2017

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