Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Not Worry About Website Design Cost 

June 22, 2017

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Not Worry About Website Design Cost 

Website design cost and the time consumed is one of the primary reasons why enterprises avoid to redesign their website frequently. However, during the same time, it is important to understand that the external business environment is dynamic, and it is a necessity to keep one’s website updated and as per the changing customer preferences.

There are some reasons why you should not worry about the website design cost when you redesign a website, some extremely critical to the success of the company regarding customer acquisition and overall impact on sales or revenues. For a company’s marketing to be effective, it is important to focus on every important customer touch point. One of the most important ones in this is the company website.

“For a company’s marketing to be effective, it is important to focus on every important customer touch point.”

A company’s website is one of the first impressions that customers have about the enterprise and a prime reason to start a business conversation. And thus, redesigning a company’s website, keeping the content and brand elements updated is one of the most important tasks of the marketing departments. Since the business and marketing goals keep changing every year, it is important to host a website which is aligned to the organization goals. Though it is not necessary to change all the elements and the complete design, keeping it allied with all other marketing communication is very important.

Following are the top 8 reasons why redesigning is important and worrying about website design cost is not

website design cost



1. The website does not reflect a company’s brand

With a dynamic business environment, it is important to keep reflecting on a company’s brand personality and if it is engaging with the target market. Branding has moved from being a company’s identity to an idea around which all the other elements are aligned. With the changing in the target market’s disposable income, their brand preferences keep changing, and it becomes imperative for the company to reflect delightful solutions for customer requirements. A strong brand image can differentiate an enterprise among its competitors and build a competitive advantage.

2. Investing low website design cost by using latest design trends


Due to changes in the design patterns, a website design may start looking stale after a period of two-three years. It is important to keep abreast with the latest trends and introduce an element that enhances customer’s experience of visiting the company’s website. In modern times, customer prefers a clutter free design option with a straightforward and minimalistic approach to design. Additionally, it is important to align the design elements with various interactive tools like mobile, tablets and desktops. Flat website design cost now a day is very economical are the most preferred two-dimensional design sites with a clean and straightforward approach.

3. Hosting a responsive website

Due to high website design cost, marketers prefer a non-responsive website. Responsive designs make it easy for customers to access websites on various screens like mobiles and tablets. Marketing representatives must track their website analytics and identify which tools are used by clients to visit a company’s website. Responsive website design makes it possible for navigators to visit a website on different devices and receive a seamless experience. Making a website responsive helps to gain credibility, increased click through rates, lead generation and sales. Websites which aren’t responsive are believed to be losing customers by experiencing high bounce rate than usual. In fact, according to StatCounter, 17% of global web usage comes from mobile devices.

Responsive website design makes it possible for navigators to visit a website on different devices and receive a seamless experience.

4. The purpose of the website has changed

Organizations keep changing their marketing focus and goals every year, which needs to reflect on the company’s website. Such changes could include the change in layout, content, integrating new tools and capabilities on the website. It is important to improve virality of the content on company web pages and ensure each page has a call-to-action for a potential customer. The content on the web pages should be able to help in generating more business leads. At times enterprises also shift from web oriented strategy to mobile only. In this case, as well, the website content should be able to guide customers to access its mobile application and execute business.

5. The website is not optimized for search engines

One of the primary responsibilities of marketing departments today includes reflecting the company’s website on search engines. The rules of search engine optimization (SEO) keep changing regularly, and enterprises need to keep a hawk’s view of the same. Usually, most of the organizations build websites using readymade templates but changing the website design architecture helps in making the website more SEO friendly. Using advanced content marketing system like custom page URLs, page titles, Alt tags provide more flexibility and optimizes a site better.

website design cost


6. Improve marketing elements like lead generation and website security

Each page on the site should contain a call-to-action strategy and develop the interest of the visitor to know more about the company. It helps businesses to take greater advantage to convert every visitor into leads and contribute to the bottom lines of the firm. At the same time, cybersecurity has become a global concern for businesses. Website designs for small businesses are susceptible to hacking and virus attacks. It is important to review website security regularly and upgrade the systems to tackle the risks for malware and hacking.

7. Introducing content marketing strategies

Google’s algorithm changes have given a whole new importance to content market strategies for organizations. It is said to improve customer retention, SEO and engage customers positively to drive more business or spread a good word-of-mouth. It should be easy for customers to find and access quality content on a company’s website. Organizations should experiment with content across various categories like eBooks, blogs, whitepapers, case studies, etc. A site redesign can make it easier for customers to find content, cultivate customer leads and implement marketing automation.

8. Company is not achieving its marketing goals

Usually company’s focus on creating an attractive website to inform customers about its products or services. However, this alone doesn’t help the marketing departments to receive any value from the same. A site should help an organization to increase its customer base, engage with them and a company’s website analytics should reflect the same. Using intuitive tools like chatbots to guide a client through their requirements, examining sites conversion rates and various other software can help companies with ideas on necessary changes to be made on the website.

Hosting a state-of-the-art website gives the entrepreneurs a confidence to present the website to their customers. It helps to create a positive perception and helps the business to grow. Enterprises also keep launching a new set of features and services for their clients which need to be reflected on their website promptly to drive customer’s attention and actions. At the same time, it is important to upgrade from flash or plugin based technologies to latest tools to perform better and efficiently.

Marketing teams also like to receive a complete control of a company website so as to launch marketing campaigns at a faster rate and not wait for website design company to start the same. Having such capabilities allow to test more landing pages and see faster results. Entrepreneurs usually get complacent with their websites but redesigning them can maximize opportunities for the organizations. Great marketers continuously improve to maximize returns on customer and lower their customer acquisition costs. A well designed and updated website can help them achieve the same as planned.

June 22, 2017

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