5 Tips on How a CRM Software Company in Pune Can Skyrocket Your SEO

March 10, 2017

5 Tips on How a CRM Software Company in Pune Can Skyrocket Your SEO

Our recent analysis with a few CRM Software Companies in Pune gave us brilliant insights on their impact with Social CRM. With the evolving world, many have failed to focus on the importance that SEO holds in their business and have not even heard what Outsourcing Social CRM or Online CRM means.

Yes, we can’t deny the fact that it can be a bit frustrating to maintain the SEO quotient of your website if you have no knowledge in the field, but it is not a matter to be ignored. With the ever increasing competition in the online business industry, it is crucial to take your business to a deeper level and outsmart others. Therefore, to boost your sales, Social CRM along with SEO oriented content can really help you with the matter. You can hire a reputed CRM Software Company in Pune who provides CRM software services and they can be a great help to boost your visibility.

Whether you have a small shop or a large corporation, getting your business the traffic and audience you need will not come only with SEO oriented content. You must also use the Social CRM technique to enable your page to show up on social media channels wherein costumers can easily find your blog while browsing their social media accounts and can develop an interactive customer relationship along with maintaining it.

With the easy access of social media, you can take advantage of Online CRM and also take help from top CRM Software in Pune, cloud based CRM and other CRM Software companies in India to create marketing communications and produce smart, friendly, easy-to-understand content which develops great results in the online community.


So, now that you know the importance of Social CRM that you’ve been avoiding for too long, we have provided 5 very helpful tips for you to make your way to the top by using Social CRM techniques coupled with search engine optimisation.

1.   Know Your Channels


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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a post filled with comments and shares and interactive business talks? While you incorporate Social CRM in your marketing and sales strategies, you must have a specific audience to target. Let’s say, you’re into a business where you sell bags; you can’t just post and advertise your products anywhere on any social platform. Social CRM will tell you what keywords your clients are using. Therefore, you’ll get to know what platform best suits your content and business model.

Know what your potential clients are usually using whether it is LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter. Recognizing where to put and publish your content will also add a strong feedback on how you create your SEO content. Getting a boost in your SEO score and gaining a trust authority through your blog will surely improve your brand’s identity.


2.   Recognize Your Audience and Their Profiles

Aside from knowing where to publish and share your content, you must also take an extra mile to let yourself understand your client and their interest in life. Best CRM Solution Providers in Pune suggest that, Social CRM can let you track down the links they are clicking, the type of articles they would love to read and share, the people they follow, and the social group they are in. With this knowledge in mind, catching your targeted audience has never been easier.

Using the Social CRM technique in your blog as you understand and get closer to your client’s needs will not only enable you to create better content to bait your clients but will also let you have a more trusted website as more of your content pieces are getting found in search engines and social medias. Thus, more followers get to engage with your page. Get yourself on search terms parallel to what your customers are into, and you’ll be flooded with traffic to your blog.

3.   Engage With Your Social Signals

Didn’t you know that social engines are focused on your social signals to distinguish the amount of social posts you shared, the quality of interaction you received in each of your content pieces and the built-in social sharing elements in your page? Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. use this factor to rank websites, starting with the most valuable ones, and send them to every user. Engagement with the social signals indicates the business’ value.

By knowing about these factors that in boost the SEO score of your website, you can now aim to increase your likes, shares and the number of followers of your page. The higher the metrics are, the more interaction you can do with your customers online. It allows you to present a better branding experience to your clients and lets them engage with your products, thus increasing your influence on your targeted audience.

4. Proper Link Building


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As mentioned above, search engines like Google can abolish your blog and red-flag it if its content contains spam links. To avoid this, provide your content with a natural link building strategy by expanding your social networks and let your customers have a glimpse of your brand in the way they want it to.

The more value your content provides, the more number of natural links it attracts. If you use Social CRM software for your sales, then it can boost your sales and marketing figures in no-time as it uses the data gathered from your social reach and engagement.

A potential Social CRM promises to provide your clients with an easier access to your blog. With SEO optimised content on your page, you can provide some social media links to let your readers know what other social media platforms you are on and that allows them to share and broadcast their interests or opinions on your page.

Moreover, occasional links throughout your content can lead your clients to other related posts and also give a good boost to your page as readers tend to get more valuable knowledge in that niche. Just make sure that all links are reliable and trust-worthy to have your reputation and Google reviews going. Here’s where you should try to look forward and outsource CRM management to get best results.


5.   Distinguish the Influential Bloggers

So now that you are boosting your followers and increasing the traffic to your site, you might want to take the opportunity further by looking for an influential top blogger to support your blog. Their popularity can dominate the interests of your audience on your blog. So, it is very crucial to find a worthy top blogger to achieve and maintain high ratings of your blog. It can be mutual beneficial for the both of you as you give him/her the right exposure through your audience and he/she can create and establish more reader relationships for your blog.

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Guest posting can be highly effective in reaching a large number of readers and can make you go on top of search engines with regular practice. Get a grip on your Social CRM techniques by receiving invitations from other bloggers and have them write content around your business. Who knows? Their followers can be your audience too. And if that happens, just don’t forget to interact with them to maintain the traffic you are already getting.

Managing your blog can be difficult at the start. To boost your initial reader count, you can start your approach with a different strategy. Get your blog going with SEO optimised content and use a strategic Social CRM technique to attract clients and climb to the top. Still not convinced? Check the Infographic below:



Infographic Source

March 10, 2017

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