Top 7 SEO Techniques That Gets You 200,000 Unique Visitors

March 28, 2018

Top 7 SEO Techniques That Gets You 200,000 Unique Visitors

Your website is not ranking on Google hence; no traffic no leads and no business.  Right now, not just you but; there are thousands of entrepreneur like you are looking for the solution just like yours.  According to HubSpot survey, 85% of your web traffic starts with the search query. That is the reason SEO practices plays a crucial role in getting your website rank ahead. To get there on Google’s first page and staying there requires a lot of research, experimentation, On page SEO techniques and Off page SEO techniques. Google’s algorithms are constantly updated so it’s important to stay tuned for the latest news.

SEO techniques   Why SEO Is Important?

Once your website starts ranking on the first page of the search results, you are sure to get the visibility. Hence; more visibility means more leads, and more conversions ultimately resulting potential customers.

You need not use SEO Tools but; implementing these top 7 effective SEO techniques right away will increase your web traffic and gain you 200000 unique visitors. Getting more visitors should help you convert more people into customers too.

1.Image result for seo icon png Google’s New RankBrain Algorithm

A new update from Google – RankBrain is believed to be the game changer. It is Google’s first ever machine learning algorithm that measures how you interact with the results on the first page. The more the merrier —Which means the happier you make your USERS, the higher you rank. So; how to optimize your website keeping in mind Google’s RankBrain?

There are 2 ways we can do that:
Improve your click-through rate organically. Google will see that lots of people are clicking on your website through search results. Which ultimately tells Google that the users love this result; so let’s boost this result to the top and make it easy to find.

But if users are unable to find you through search results; naturally Google will drop your rankings hence; that is why optimizing your website for organic CTR make sense.

The next is to improve your bounce rate and the downtime. RankBrain wants to see your website publishing the content that is informative and fresh which makes the users happy.

If your visitor is leaving your website also known as “bounce time” after 3 seconds; Google takes this signal believing that the users are unhappy with the content they read. So; write and publish a lot of compelling content that encourages users to read more and take action.

2.Image result for blog icon png Write At least 1900 Words

True; that shorter blogs with high-quality content can perform outstanding but; numerous studies have found that the first top 5 results had an average content of 1900 words.

It is not mandatory that each and every post of yours has to be lengthy.  The trick is to cover one topic of the post/blog with every minute detail that it becomes a valuable reading piece to your users. Making it valuable means increased number of hits and ultimately Google starts recognizing it in the search results.

The major benefit of having a lengthy content is you can accommodate more SEO keywords which ultimately makes it easy to rank organically. Consistently publishing 1500- 1900 words are a sure shot way to yield results organically along with increasing visitors.

3. Image result for seo icon png Advanced SEO Techniques –Internal Deep Linking

It is one of the best SEO techniques that pro digital marketers are practicing. A deep linking technique is about using anchor text to link to the other pages within the blog. This signals Google about your web pages and encourages it to index it higher.

Your older blog posts and landing pages which is providing immense value on the richer topics can attract a lot of web traffic and visitors. Link them to build the structure of your website. When your content is properly linked with each other, it helps the Google spider see your content with a clarity.

When you start interlinking pages, you will improve the SEO value for those internal pages and improve their search rankings, even for tough keywords.

4. Image result for seo icon png  Ensure To Update Your Content Regularly

If you have been blogging and publishing for more than 6 months, you have got the gold mine at your end to revamp it. Your content is surely generating some kind of web traffic for your website hence; you can improve your old blogs or content by revamping it by adding new eye-catchy headlines, update it with new images, add GIF, adding videos, testimonials and some sort of facts to the post.

Your reader may not jump on board if you’re the only one saying how awesome you are. But; eventually, you will start seeing the results.

5. Image result for link keywords icon pngLink Significant Keywords With High Authority Websites

Majority of them thinks that it will let the traffic flow out – well it’s not true. External links are also better for user experience: these external links help users find content that can help them learn more about the topics you discuss in your article Likewise, it also enhances the trustworthiness in Google’s eyes when you link to high authority sites.

Link to at least 3 quality, relevant resources in every piece of content that you publish. This will show Google that your page is a “Hilltop Hub” – a Google algorithm that still plays a crucial role.

6.Image result for blog videos icon pngWriting Brief Blog Post For Your YOUTUBE Videos

YOUTUBE is one of the most favored websites for all genre. Today; companies are taking a keen interest to showcase their brand/products/services through YOUTube. YouTube video results have an influence to dominate on Google’s first page. And considering that Google owns the popular video website, it’s a trend that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

One of the best SEO techniques that can get your YouTube videos to rank for both YouTube and Google? Writing 250+ word video descriptions that’s all.  Know this that Google can’t watch or listen to your video content. Instead, they depend on your video’s text title and description to determine what your video is about.

And this extra text content can help you rank for your target keywords.

7. Image result for seo keywords icon pngUsing “Best Of” Keywords That Offers Link Building Opportunities

One of the favorite SEO techniques; that marketers are been using for link building.  If you are doing a lot of link building; the list of high-quality blogs is like having money in the bank. What you may not realize is that bloggers in your niche have created these lists for you in the form of “best of” blog posts.

“Best of” blog posts are great hand curated lists that are made for specific industry. How to find these “best of” blogs? 

Use these search strings:

  • “best of……[keyword] 
  • “top ……[your keyword] 


Image result for blog icon png   For Our Clients

SME Networks has a pro SEO team. We monitored everything on a regular basis constantly updating it with our SEO optimization tips. If something came up in our SEO analysis, which needed to be fixed, we were quick to implement it. We also rolled out numerous SEO campaigns multiple times as they worked effectively the first time around in generating significant traffic. 

Overall, the above mentioned were the latest SEO techniques which assisted our client in reaching this growth in organic SEO traffic and boosting it with 200000 unique visitors.



March 28, 2018

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