Top 8 Google Keyword Planner Mistakes To Avoid | Improve Adwords ROI

October 16, 2018

Top 8 Google Keyword Planner Mistakes To Avoid | Improve Adwords ROI

You think you have set up the perfect Google AdWords campaign? Thinking about the keywords you want to rank for is really the first and foremost step you need to take for your SEO strategy. Still, keyword research can be quite daunting. So, which Google Keyword Planner mistakes should you avoid at all times?


You might know it as Google AdWords.

AdWords is huge. It takes in about 33% of all online ad revenue ($38.6 billion out of 117.6 billion dollars).

Understand What Is Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a tool that allows you to research ad groups and keywords for your Adwords campaigns. By inputting a phrase or website URL, you can browse through huge lists of recommended search terms, along with traffic estimates those phrases deliver throughout the year.

Optimize your website with high value, low difficulty keywords. Keyword Planner is actually a combination of apps Google brought together in 2013.

From the beginning, it has played a critical role in SEO for many reasons:

It is absolutely free

Google Keyword Planner is the only major keyword research software people can use without any monetary investment or limitations on the data you download.

Absolute Faith in Google

Since every business is concerned about getting found on the number one search engine in the world, why wouldn’t they use that search engine’s keyword research tool?

Lots of data 

Downloading ad groups can give you literally thousands of keywords, including search volume data, average bid cost for advertising and other metrics.

You find a keyword tool and you type in whatever search term that comes to mind. Like magic, you find out how many people are searching for your keyword, as well as a whole slew of other useful statistics like the keyword’s average cost per click, competition, suggested bid, and other data – depending on which keyword tool you’re using.

However, before you get too ahead of yourself and pick a keyword to target, know that there is more to keyword planning than meets the eye. There are a lot of nuanced factors you might not have accounted for that can entirely change your keyword strategy.

PPC i.e. Google Keyword Planner is not easy.

If done wrong, you can burn through hundreds or thousands of money.

Google Keyword Planner Mistakes To Avoid When You Set Next PPC Campaigns

1.Poor Keyword Choices

Irrelevant keywords and keywords with low search volume are bad news for your quality score. If you have not been getting relevant results, then grab a coffee and a comfortable chair because it is time to start revising those keywords.

Pause keywords that are irrelevant and/or not converting to avoid excessive spending. Then use keyword planner to add fresh new keywords with high search volumes.

2. Not Using Negative Keywords

Google isn’t perfect. Even if you picked out the best set of keywords, your ads might still appear in searches that are irrelevant. For instance, if you had ‘marketing’ as a keyword, your ad might appear next to searches for eggs, vegetables, groceries, etc. This is where negative keywords are useful in helping you avoid paying for irrelevant searches.
If your campaign has been running for a while, look through your search terms report and add irrelevant searches as negative keywords.

3.Wrong Audience Targeting

If you want to target effectively, you need to target the ad on a particular set of people. You first need to learn about whom and where to target. It can be based on country, state, city, sex, age group, interest, and etc.

That is a good idea. But if you target girls and boys of age 15 – 19. It isn’t going to affect much, as these age groups aren’t working. You cannot target Australia, UK and other western and European countries, and they have their own top jewelry companies. Neither can you target Antartica.

4. Not Createing An Ad Group For Your Brand 

It is a dog eat dog world in Google search.

Here is one crucial step you can take to make sure you do not get eaten – create an ad group with your brand keywords. Why? Because if you don’t, your competitors might do it for you.

So if a potential customer was searching for your business, their ad might pop up before yours.

5. Choosing Keywords With No Traffic

Long tail keywords are a great way to begin a keyword research. These keywords get less traffic but then you have a higher chance of converting your visitors into customers.

Long tail keywords absolutely become a good match for those users that use specific terms when they are searching.

Moreover, if your keyword is too specific and does not attract any traffic, it will not help your campaigns.

6. Not Testing Bidding Strategies

It might seem quite a daunting task to find the right one for you. However, you should be testing a few at least to find one most suitable for your needs. While most advanced advertisers prefer to use manual CPC, some advertisers prefer to use maximize conversions or enhanced CPC.

With manual CPC, you get more control over your bids in long-term. However, if you are planning to test out a campaign over just one or two weeks, you could go for enhanced CPC or maximize clicks. These bid strategies allow Google to get the most clicks at the best price possible.

7. Creating Only 1 Ad Variation

Another common Google Ads mistake is creating just one ad per ad group or only one ad with one variation. If you want to boost your conversion rate and minimize costs, it is important to create several ad variations per ad group.

Even though you use the same headline or the same description, it is important to get several ad variations and test them out to discover which one converts better.

Once you find a winner ad, you can pause the rest and create a slightly different version of the winner. Then you can continue split testing.

8. Not Adding Any Extensions

Google has made it easy for you to create properly-optimized ads and to drive more qualified traffic to your site by leveraging the power of extensions. You can now add extra pieces of information to your ad to make it stand out from the crowd.

Using ad extensions can be an extremely effective way to increase your clicks. Furthermore; you can add sitelink extensions, which show different links of your website and send people to relevant pages.

You can add callout extensions, which enable you to show some of the unique selling points you have. Structured snippet extensions, message extensions, location extensions, and price extensions are other types of useful extensions you can use.

Wrapping Up

Before you dive into keyword research in your Googke Keyword Planner for your PPC campaigns, you should know about these common keyword research mistakes that many advertisers make.

Executing keyword research takes a lot of time.

It is important for you to take a considerate amount of time and really think about the keywords that you actually want to bid for.

Avoiding these mistakes related to keyword planner can save your time therefore; helps you to formulate a successful marketing strategy and drive in the potential and targeted customers.

October 16, 2018

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