Top 7 B2B Lead Generation Tactics To Increase The Conversion Rates

December 18, 2015

Top 7 B2B Lead Generation Tactics To Increase The Conversion Rates

B2B lead generation is everything in the cut-throat world. However it is defied to many market leaders until now. This post tells about famous B2B lead generation tactics to buzz your head for the best ideas to ensure high conversions. Also, put together the best lead provider companies who are known to increase sales.

lead gen

Do you know how many B2B business leads you get daily? B2B lead generation plays significant role to stay competitive in the market. They are the main basis for revenue in any company and consequently it’s very important to convert them into sales.  But it’s quite challenging to plan an effective lead generation strategy and convert it into business or sales enquiry.

What Are Top Sources To Cultivate Business Leads

 As per Wayne Davis, Sales Business Development Consultant, “The lead generation process starts by finding out where your target market ‘lives’ on the web.”  In means the process of lead generation starts from finding the right online sources to reach your target audiences.

Top lead generators sources include:

  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogs
  • PPC (paid search/ adwords)
  • Telemarketing
  • Traditional advertising media
  • Direct mails
  • Trade shows

Among all them which is the most valuable source for generating new business leads? The graph shown below will tell you what percentages of leads come from which source.

lead generation image

Top Effective Tactics to Increase the Conversions

All these sources are the strong producer of business leads for any enterprise. However to fuel the lead generation fire, you should have a strong strategy. Let’s discuss how to use some of these sources to get more business leads:

Direct mails to understand your customers better

Direct mails can increase response rate up to 15 %. It becomes an integral part of lead generation. It also helps you to understand target audience and how to address their problems successfully. Just avoid blasting all audience with same massages daily. Give massaging personalize touch, it will lead to effective communication and reorganization.

Telemarketing a traditional Tool to Lead Generation

Telemarketing is the most effective tactic for lead generation. Tracking each and every call is the key to maximize conversion rate. Hone your sales team skills for more lead generations.

Trade Shows bring in New and Repeat Customers

You can pull new customers with frequent attendance in trade shows. It will definitely help to refill your sales funnel. Go to the shows where maximum number of buyers visit and fetch new customers to boost sales revenue.

Email marketing to stay connected with long time customers

Attach email marketing with your business blog and other related topics and stay connected with your long time and one time customers.

Business Blogging Generate Leads from Versatile Segments

If you share versatile quality content in your business blog, it will generate leads from different segments. In this tactic the key to maximum lead generation lies in quality of content and its distribution among different networks so that prospects can remember you when they need. In fact, you can share blog in tailored form so that they find you a valuable source of information.

Engaging Content Draws Clients’ Attention

If you share speaking videos and other type of engaging content from industry leaders in discussion form, it will help you to build strong client relations. Also it will get new connections with prospects.

Inner Circle Contacts & Referrals Generate Best Business Prospects

Your inner circle contacts are a key to produce referrals for business prospects. However contacts data can be generated from the social media content and blog sharing. A network can be created by sending massages to catch up.

See the figure shared below to get to know about which b2b lead generation methods work best?

 lead generation

Source: Hubspot

Choosing a Best B2B Lead Generating Agency to Increase the Conversion Rates

B2B lead generating agency is a relevant solution to fulfill your marketing needs and generate leads with no hassle. If you are ready to work with B2B lead generating agency but unsure about what to see while searching, here are few questions that you should ask before finalizing the one.

Which Vertical or Industry the Agency is focusing?

Avoid picking any agency which is serving in too many verticals. Prefer the one which is a perfect fit for your business requirements and focused majorly on your vertical with relevant data.

What aspects of marketing the agency can handle? Are they matching to your prospects?

Online marketing for lead generation and conversion is a complex process encompasses of a bunch of practices. All agencies cannot handle all aspects well. It’s better to ask for their expertise and to figure out which one is matching to your company needs. If you have some specific needs, a specialized agency will be the best option, otherwise finalize the one which understands your priorities broadly.

Is the agency ready to work with others?

If you are looking for an agency that have to work in coordination of other agencies who are providing SMO, SEO or some other services, check for coordination ability. Are they able to do that? If not, don’t hire because this will hamper productivity and relationships as well.

What Software the agency is Using?

What software the agency is using? It should be comparative to platform on which your business website is created.

How to Measure Conversion Rate?

Keep in mind you are hiring the agency to get more visits on your website for higher conversion rate and business leads. Whatever queries related this must be cleared in face-to-face meeting.

SME Joinup has shortlisted top B2B Lead Generating Agencies for small enterprises here:

SME Get Online Studios

 Hire SME Get Online Studio for fast leads generation! It is  one of the leading Lead Generation Agencies in India who handles pre sales and post sales activities including lead generation, lead assignment, prospecting and closure for its clients. It delivers high number of sales in different domains including Technology, Marketing, Ecommerce and many others. It has experts team who help to covert web traffic into sales opportunities. It tracks every web visitor and gathers critical information to offer insight about his/her buying intention. Choose SME GET Online Studio for best lead generation tactics like content marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, facebook marketing, mobile marketing etc.. It analyzes each and every web visitor to give better idea about perspective clients’ enquiries.

Orange Mantra

Orange Mantra, a Gurgaon based company is famous for providing quick sales leads for its clients who are in e-commerce business. SRS Grocery, American Swan, Luxoutne, Funky friends factory, Flash Development India – Haldiram, Uncle Sam’s New York are some of its existing clients whom it is providing lead management services to increase ROI. The company attends sales calls on the behalf of its clients and converts them leads. A professional team follows complete lead process from lead capture to closure and make report to understand clients in a better way. The company uses latest technologies and software which can be customized easily as per the different business requirements.

Quadra Incorp

Quadra Incorp headquartered in Bengaluru is expert in the field of digital marketing, web designing and SEO services. It delivers quality services in areas of internet marketing, web development, search engine optimization, Domain & Hosting services etc. It has been always praised by its clients for quality work delivery on time.

What Quadra Clients Says

“I am really happy with your service, it is exceptional and Quadra Incorp is just great. When I have a question they answer it at once, they have more than an outstanding customer service. After having a bad experience with my old Web Designer Company, I would say that Quadra Incorp people are ve…

Vijay Sharma

“Quadra Incorp did an amazing job of making our vision come to life! The site looks great and works better than expected! Quadra Incorp exceeded our expectations and I have referred their services to my close friends!”. Mr. Kandaswamy


“I just wanted to say thank you for the efforts Quadra Incorp put in redesigning our website. Margaret especially has been superb, creative and very efficient. Please pass on our grateful thanks to him for a job well done!”. Ms. Mary Ann Jose

CMO Axis Outsourcing

CMO Axis Outsourcing, a pioneer in delivering sales and marketing services was established in 2008. Its exclusive product Leads Axis is best in its class. It joins customers with effective tale-calling process and delivers qualified, confirmed and engaged business leads.

  • It helps to fix qualified and engaged appointments
  • Ensures approximately 30% increase in tale-calling results

Consider these agencies when searching for a B2B lead provider company. If you want to know more about these companies portfolio visit their websites or smejoinup and see who suits perfectly to your business domain.


December 18, 2015

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