Top 5 Ways For Simplifying Human Resource Management Through Cloud

December 07, 2016

Top 5 Ways For Simplifying Human Resource Management Through Cloud

In the current environment of “Talent-war”, the battle for market-share has taken a back seat. The HR department is a key department in any organisation. However, the tasks handled by the department can be daunting for the managers, especially the task of managing multiple processes and the necessity to cater to the growing teams in the organisation.

In such cases, a cloud based online HR management system can prove to be highly helpful. Cloud based HRM tools take care of various HR functions like recruitment, compensation and payroll, performance management, etc. The automation of HR systems does not just simplify the process, it also reduces errors which tend to obstruct the way to success. Additionally, cloud based HR tools improve overall efficiency in organisations and reduce the dependency on paper based HR systems.


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Online HR management systems are defined as proficient tools which are utilised to serve the needs of HR department. Using cloud based HRMS helps in tracking & achieving preset milestones. It also provides automation of processes, security of information and access to large storage at any time and from any location.

At the same time, cloud based HRM systems are scalable, adaptable to business evolution and tend to meet the requirements of organisations as they scale up. Few benefits of using such tools are accurate assessments, 360-degree feedback and identification of talent needs.

Real-time analysis using the cloud based HRMS helps managers to identify gaps in competency and introduces appropriate inputs for employees to achieve organisational goals. Cloud based HR systems also result in better collaboration and identification of skills through smoother HR workflows. Following are top 5 benefits for simplifying human resource management through the cloud.

1. Employee Assessment

  • One of the most important roles of HR managers is to build a work culture environment that will motivate and engage employees, so that top performers can be retained in the company.
  • Cloud based online HR management systems help organisations identify the actual performance of employees and train them on performance gaps.
  • Such systems also help in offering an all-round feedback from peers and clients. Annual employee appraisals are definitely not an easy process. However, if an employee’s performance is tracked regularly, their skills can be analysed and necessary inputs can provided to this process highly simplified.
  • Cloud based HRMS particularly helps in simplifying these tasks and offers bias free inputs to employees. SME’s cannot afford to lose cost, time and efforts conducting this process annually.

2. Better Collaboration

  • The cloud based HR management systems facilitate communication between all types of organisations and at all levels of management.
  • Collaboration tools allow every employee to be engaged and involved, which in turn leads to an increase in innovation and productivity.
  • Collaboration brings in transparency across the roles, functions and levels. Usually HRM systems contain a centralised database which contains more than basic information and can be accessed easily by people across locations.
  • Information like leave requests, shared feedback, updated information, updated tax status, performance reviews and compensation management, etc. can be easily uploaded by employees and accessed by managers.
  • This helps in going beyond the traditional excel sheet-based approach and allows collaborative process activities.
  • Cloud based HR systems for SME’s provides efficiency in the functioning of the company, since the top management keeps travelling to identify more business opportunities and can keep track of backend activities via such mobile collaborative tools.
  • In fact, it also becomes an opportunity to make one-to-one interactions with the employees virtually on the go, rather than investing limited time in personal meetings.


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3. Real time analytics

  • Online HR tools have enhanced the manager’s ability to access and analyse reports in real time which has led to a reduction in time and effort that is spent to first create and then analyse such reports.
  • Such automated real time reports help in identifying trends in organisations, such as leaves, recruitment and new development opportunities.
  • A full-fledged online HR system enables simple workflow as well as eliminates data redundancy and other similar issues.
  • Cloud based HR software and management system empowers employees to manage their database and helps HR managers receive improved insights about employees.
  • The cloud streamlines the entire HR process of implementation, upgrading and enhancement of HR functions automatically.
  • Real time information leads to instant actions which help companies to undertake growth based actions.

4. Goal Alignment

  • The manager can define annual goals for employees and team members using cloud based HR management systems.
  • In case, during the course, if the manager finds any kind of deviation from the preset goals, the same can be easily identified immediately and instant course correction actions can be taken.
  • Such comparison of assigned goals and achieved goals, simplifies the performance review process as well.
  • The cloud based HR software and management systems ensure that the workforce is aligned towards achieving the organisational objectives.
  • It also helps in sensitising employees about the contribution of the individual tasks and performance, thus leading to the fulfillment the company’s mission on a whole. Such systems also help in prioritising the efforts of employees as per the strategic plans and the importance of various company activities to achieve goals.


An SME, for example, will need to keep a track of this aspect on a regular basis. This will help them in ensuring faster achievement of their objectives as well as generate profitability for the company.


5. Identification of leadership talent

  • One of the biggest challenges of the HR department of an organisation is succession planning. It is one of the largest time consuming processes where talent for the future needs to be identified and groomed for the next level.
  • People in leadership roles are responsible for supporting the forward movement of the organisation and hence, selecting the right talent is an important step.
  • Cloud based online HR management has made this task simple by ensuring collaboration at workspace wherein managers can identify key positions and their requirements.
  • It makes it easy to manage and help talent achieve excellence, thus leading to better business decisions.
  • HR Cloud based systems displays updated and real time information which helps senior managers and owners in SMEs to identify leadership within a company, which results in offering the right task to the right candidate.



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Apart from above mentioned benefits, cloud based HR systems for SME’s have also helped companies reduce their HR costs, scale up the processes faster when there is an increase in the number of employees. It also provides easy recovery of information and easy connectivity. Cloud based HRMS results in saving operational costs and efforts, which can be dedicated to company’s growth.

In today’s competitive world, it is important to keep all the employees engaged positively. Hence, having a reliable HRMS helps managers meet employee expectations and encourages them towards performance and alignment to company objectives and growth.

By using end-to-end HR cloud systems, a company can boost employee performance while establishing the best workforce. SME’s especially employ such tools, so that it can help them in scaling up faster, keep their costs under control and retain talent in the company.

Both workforce and workplaces are changing rapidly and in such cases, HR cloud is a go-to resource which ensures that employees have the best tools available for simplifying decisions and company processes. SaaS for human resource management, when synced with the needs of the workforce, ensures high employee satisfaction and growth.



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December 07, 2016

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