Top 5 Smart Website Design Tricks to Rank Higher in Search Engines

October 08, 2016

Top 5 Smart Website Design Tricks to Rank Higher in Search Engines

Search Engines and SEO

There has been a decade-long battle between SEO strategists and search engines who are working to create the right algorithm that can crack the search engine priority list. Of course, search engines like Google have mathematicians and scientists working on the artificial intelligence of their search engine, but here are some flaws in the Google algorithm which can be used to your own advantage while pushing your page to the topmost of every search (Black Hat SEO techniques). But these devious techniques are not encouraged by Google who is attempting to tweak its algorithm to detect such malpractices.To stay ahead of the game, search engines needs to tweak their code regularly to provide a safe and legit search engine which earns them billions of dollars in revenue or else people will turn to next generation Facebook and other social media for advertisement.

While search engines are regularly modifying their system, you as a company need to create the right website that is appreciated by search engines and as is put up higher in rankings. There are legitimate ways of doing this and in this section we will take a look at the design modifications you can make to increase the rankings of your webpage.

Top 5 Design Tricks:


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Here are some website design tips.

1. Content

Content has always been the decisive factor while prioritising a website. Search Engines scrutinise all content you upload on your website. The content needs to be 100% unique, compelling and needs to describe products, services, or other general material that can influence your customers to revisit the website. Regularly updating content is advised, atleast 2 articles every week, for higher rankings. Google awards points for non-plagiarized, readable and quality content. Of course,a good article will gain appreciation from third party companies who will want to link to your website which is beneficial for your backlinking strategy. Read more about the value of quality content. Always stick with web design services that give priority to content.

2. Build a Great Website Design


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Building a strategic website for pushing your rank higher in the search engines is proportional to the attractive and slender website you build. Gain a huge chunk of points by building an aesthetically appealing website and interactive website design which has better customer flux and a high probability of conversions. Further points are added for W3C compliance and the response of your site to mobile applications.

Creating a pleasant website which is high on functionality drives in huge traffic and irreversibly increases the ranking of your website, which is a win-win situation. Remember that design without functionality is futile and hence you need to invest time in creating an intuitive and functional website through which customers can easily browse. Major web services work towards creating a synchronous website that compromises of functionality and attraction.

3. Metadata

While writing the HTML code for the website, the developer may have come across Metadata which is the space allocated between the <head> tags to store contents of the page. If you have a CMS site, the UMC may have created an automated version which can allow you easy access to these metadata spacing. This automated service allows dynamic website development. Google has preserved a chunk of their ratings for these metadata contents.

  • Title Metadata

Do you see a description at the topmost of your browser window that displays the title of the website? The title metadata is responsible for the title display.

  • Description Metadata

A search on any search engine will pop up various names of sites as well as a brief description of the content inside. This content should be riveting which instigates users to use the website. The goal of this description is to pull in the internet traffic without providing them with the essential information in the description itself.

  • Keyword Metadata

Search engines need some keywords presented by you, so that your web page will pop up on the search of those keywords. But never get greedy because search engines like Google understand this greediness. An optimum solution would be 6-8 diverse and related keywords spanning a maximum of 4 words each.


Top web design companies take metadata very seriously while building the website.

1. URL’s and Filenames

You need to create an SEO optimised URL for better visibility by search engines for perfect web development. Achieving this is pretty simple by attaching your strongest keyword in the URL address which allows search engines like Google in effectively tracking the website.

The images embedded onto your page should be properly named which gives Google another opportunity to put your image in Google Images. Saving a file named “asfdsfd.jpg” is not an effective SEO friendly technique as compared to saving the file as “lake-view.jpg”.

2. Images


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Images play a crucial point while deciding the ranking of our webpages. So let us delve into the concept of images and criteria for creating and placing these images:

  • Image size should be chosen perfectly which aids faster loading times and enhances search engine visibility.
  • The size of the images should suit slow internet speeds and people browsing through mobile devices.
  • 30-100kb image resolution created at 72dpi is the optimal image resolution for all users.
  • Placing the image around context similar to what the image depicts is an important factor while creating
  • Save all the images in a specific folder named “images” so that the subsequent URL of the images looks like “:/images/image.jpg”.

These are the 5 important tips to be incorporated to obtain a professional website design.

Choosing the Right SEO Company:

  • Keywords

A good SEO company should have an arduous research program to determine the right keywords for your website.

  • Optimization Program

Ensure that the SEO company has a plan to improve the website for better customer experience and forhigher priority in search engines.

  • Competitor Analysis

A reputed SEO company would have a plan to analyse the websites of your rivals gain strategic insight from them as well as counter the loopholes existing in their models.


  • Content

If the SEO company does not create content for you but plans to work on existing content, then you need to visit some other company who can do both for you.

  • Third Party Links

Choose SEO companies who have a strategic hand at employing third party links that could get you up in rankings. You should refrain from using Black Hat SEO techniques which could lead to a ban on your website.

Choose the web development agency for your website who has all the qualities mentioned above.


A top website design will include all the above mentioned points. Like said before, some malpractices could build your website overnight. But the future is bright for organic growth and there is a risk of losing a website while incorporating black hat techniques. It is better to adhere to the rules of search engines. A steady growth will ensure proper influx of internet traffic and if users love the content, numbers will definitely rise. Google has almost 200 points through which they assign the priority of a website, and the points mentioned above will help you create a fundamentally robust website. This website would be a hit amongst customers and search engines alike. Choose from the top 10 website designer companies for the best website designers. Build ecommerce web development through this set of highly experienced developers.




October 08, 2016

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