Top 5 Points To Consider When Outsourcing To Cloud Payroll Software Service Provider

July 18, 2016

Top 5 Points To Consider When Outsourcing To Cloud Payroll Software Service Provider

According to an international market report, 27 % of SMEs spend minimum 5 hours per month on payroll management. It means minimum 60 hours required to do this task efficiently per year. If you opt for alternative solution (payroll outsourcing) to do this task error free, you can use that much of time to grow your business. Here is key information you should know about payroll services.

5things to know about payroll

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Why Outsourcing of Payroll Services is best Choice?

Should you keep your payroll in-house or outsource it? Well, outsourcing of payroll is best choice as it saves your time, cost effective, promise accuracy and offer many other benefits. When you start your small business, you can make payment to your employees two ways either you can do this task by yourself or can outsource a payroll service. If you are not well versed with payroll and accounting work, outsourcing payroll services will be the best choice for your business.

However opting for outsourcing of payroll services is one step, but you should be well versed about how to choose a payroll service provider for your small business. However before you dig in more in finding a right payroll service provider service for your company, it’s better to understand why exactly you or other small businesses needs to outsource payroll. Some compelling reasons include:

benefits of payroll software

  1. Ensure significant savings in cost, time and labor
  2. 0 % expensive payroll processing errors
  3. Greater compliance with laws, government regulatory and tax requirements etc.

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What exactly will Cloud Payroll Software Do?

Cloud payroll services operate everything on cloud. The best cloud payroll software allows businesses to tracks all accounting related information online on phones, tablets and computer systems. It streamlines manual accounting processes and eases the risk associated to tax payment and legal things require doing a business. The other advantages that make cloud payroll paramount are wage management, employee benefits management, tax management, attendance management, generates reports, tax form preparation, prints checks or direct deposit etc.

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Why Cloud Payroll Software’s Demand is growing fast?

Cloud payroll outsourcing market is growing fast as this technology is compliant to the various needs of small businesses, handy and cost effective. A number of service providers are coming up with technical advanced cloud based payroll solutions and SMEs are buying them to keep protected their businesses from any legal hassle and harassment.

Payroll software are now available both in-house and cloud based systems and designed in a way that they can be implemented easily with any business’s existing accounting system. These systems can ease SMEs payroll tasks and are cost effective too. Additionally, cloud payroll software also offers numerous other benefits:

cloud payroll benefits for small business

Selecting the right cloud payroll software to accomplish your specific needs-Where to start?

There are a number of considerations for finding the best payroll service provider for your company. Your must be pretty sure about some points all along considering the size of your company, available budget that can be allocated to payroll outsourcing comfortably and your level of knowledge with regulatory and legal work.

With all of information about your business, you can move ahead to ask your contacts and fellow businesses for keen referrals who are predominantly handling the businesses like yours. Or, you can connect to SME Joinup for professional guidance and look more closely to some of trustworthy vendors’ list. Once you succeed to get a few names, move forward to check some must haves that cloud payroll Software Company should be able to provide:

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Experienced Cloud Payroll Service Provider

Making sure that the chosen company has everything to make employees’ payment on time is very important. So selection of an experienced Cloud Payroll Service provider company could be a right decision as most of the old companies have well developed technologies and more efficient to cover wide range of requirements of small business.

A newly established cloud payroll company could also be a right choice if it ensures that all payment will be done on time with no errors. For making a right selection, check the record and ability for solving the some specific challenges related to your business. For example Intersoft International Private Ltd (myHRSuite) and greytHR carries over years of experience and the most preferred companies for cloud payroll software services outsourcing in the country.

Most Advanced Cloud- Based Technology

A top class payroll service provider should offer most advanced cloud payroll technology all along a proven track record in the market. Check out that vendor offer you a freedom of managing businesses online through a browser, mobile app, tablet and smartphone etc. Or, you can ask for technology testing trial to determine challenges that may make difficult to use this technology in the future.

The cloud payroll software like Elife-Payroll on cloud from ePeople Bespoke Consulting (P) Ltd and myHRSuite from Intersoft International come under the list of fore-runners in delivering technical advanced cloud- based payroll technology.  To know about other leaders, you can talk to SME Joinup team. The team will help you to find the most advanced cloud payroll software for your business.

Delivery of Desired Features and other options

Sometimes a small business not requires many features and options in payroll software. So make sure that the selected software has all the features that you desire to handle your employees’ attendance and record according to law and policies. If your business is of larger size with more number of employees, it means you require some additional features to ensure accuracy in the record. So must check all the features and options carefully to find perfect fit payroll software for your business.

Maintain Security and Trust

If you select a referral company its good, otherwise you need to make sure that the selected vendor is trustworthy and has good market reputation. Hire someone who promises the security of your company’s sensitive data. Also, you can do online research to know about reviews and recommendations of clients who has already used or using the shortlisted payroll software.

Strong Customer Service

When you start using any new technology, you are going to face a number of problems. Similarly, may you will face many problems with your payroll software and want to talk to your payroll provider for prompt solution. So make sure that the selected company have 24/7 customer support for immediate attention and solution for your problem.

Transparent Pricing and Special Services

It is very important to understand that what the company will charge for any particular cloud payroll service. Comparison of services, features and pricing from different vendors is good but make sure that the cheaper option may not end up with any mess or unpleasant experience. At times companies also charge extra for some features or services, so it’s better to clarify everything before hiring a vendor.


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Smart Tips on Cloud Payroll Services Management:

As a business owner, you must be smart enough to understand and manage cloud payroll. If you deploy it right from the beginning of your business, you can maintain all records and information according to regulations easily. Also, keep an eye on payroll rules and regulations changes and updates. Must remember mentioned key parameters of payroll processing:

compliance updates

Speak with SME Joinup’s team of experts now. They will do all research work for you and find that best cloud payroll service provider to help you to meet your business goals easily. 

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July 18, 2016

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