Top 5 HRMS Features to Have in Your HR Software

July 17, 2017

Top 5 HRMS Features to Have in Your HR Software

HR software has made the life of an HR manager effortless, which is otherwise too full of tasks which are diverse in nature. This happens probably because they manage the most dynamic resource of an organization i.e the human resource.

The challenge is, even more, when it is a small business since there might be a dearth of efficient resources to manage the HR activities. But with the advent of HR management software and specifically HR software for small business, things have become simpler, and the overall productivity of the organization has increased manifold.

The strategic objective behind implementation of HR software in a small business is to bring more efficiency, promote the culture of smart work rather than hard work and to automate the HR system of the organisation.

There are numerous HR software available in India, and you can also get the hang of HR software online. However, there are some basic rules or features which you need to adhere to before finalising the HR payroll software in India.

Here are 5 important features to consider before finalising the best HR software for your small business:

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1.   Database

Any HR software is as good as its database. Your business might belong to manufacturing, retail, healthcare or lifestyle products, but it is always a good idea and a profitable one to keep a track of your employees and their records, this is only possible when you are using HR software.

A costly HR Software solution does not guarantee that its database management is also good. Do a thorough check and take feedback or read reviews before buying HR Software, it should give you ‘more in less’, i.e it should be something which does not call for a huge investment, but still gives you a great return on investment.

A database can efficiently record the personal information of your employees along with keeping a track of various compliances that as a small business owner you need to follow.

Adding further to it, a well-crafted database also provides hands-on information on the performance of employees and other relevant data that is important for an organisation’s well being.


2.   Ease of Use

HR software which offers out-of-the-box user experience and easy navigation should be chosen over other HR Software.


Because after all, it is the human who is running the software and his friendliness and comfort with the HR Software matters the most. It must be easy to learn and comprehend allowing all the team members to learn the way it functions within minutes. And above all, it should provide a good return on investment.

When HR software is implemented in a small organisation, it allows everyone involved to focus more on activities that eventually generate revenue and help the organisation to attain the next level.

Always choose HR software which is actually saving your time and energy and which is welcomed by your team members.

3.   Self-Use

HR payroll software or other related software must be amiable, i.e., it must provide easy access to team members to upload their own information. Uploading and updating addresses, personal details, contact numbers should no more be the responsibility of an HR manager. Instead, each team member should be empowered to do it by themselves using the HR software.

This software should eliminate the need for an excel sheet, which is both cumbersome and time-consuming impacting the overall productivity of the organization.

In case you already have HR software implemented in your organization, check once again whether it is saving on the time of your team members or not, and whether your employees are in sync with the software or are they trying to abstain from using it. If latter is the case, immediately replace it with a more advanced and user-friendly version.


4.   Payroll Management

HR software without Payroll management function is like a library without books; it is actually of no use. And any organisation, small or big, payroll management is the most significant responsibility of the HR team, and any flaw in the calculation has a direct impact on employee’s morale.

Hence every HR management software must have an efficient and result-driven payroll processing function. Gone are the days when everything was performed manually, the software enables HR managers to simply feed employee details, position, level, annual salaries, leaves, PF and tax details, and this payroll system will immediately calculate the monthly salary without any flaw.

The software should be efficient enough to integrate all employee details and provide results which help HR manager during the time of performance appraisals and exits.

5.   Future-use of HR Software

The systems and processes of any organisation should be process dependent and not person dependent. This ensures that even if there is a change in the management or leadership team, the organisation runs in the same fashion as it was running before. This defines the culture of an organisation and aids its sustenance.

HR software should also be one that makes the organisation processes strong and future-ready. For any HR software to be future-ready, it should be cloud-based. The potential to access your HR database software from anywhere in the world makes it the most sought-after hr management software, a feature which you can never compromise. Also, with communication becoming frequent and too time-driven, email reminders and auto-responders is one feature which will score over others in the near-future.

A quick wrap up:

There is no denying the fact that there is no substitute for the human resource that works in your organisation. And ultimately it is their grit and determination that helps your organisation reach newer heights. However, HR software is a true blessing; they have not only given more power to HR managers across the organisation, they have also enabled each employee to understand the culture of your organization and align with it more easily.

With a plethora of other features that help you finalize the software, HR software cost and its acceptance by your team members are also important for you to know.

With features like employee progress tracking, scheduling capabilities, flexibility to use and reliability, HR software is gaining importance in every small organization and has become a handy tool for every HR manager.

Always remember the one key aspect of HR software, it is for your employees and not the vice-versa!

Single Point HR‘s  HRMS software is integrated to meet all the needs of HR. It helps to improve the morale and productivity of the organization. SinglePointHR has an ever growing team of skilled professionals with well-spread services and a bigger dream and goal to achieve. This software is designed to meet the needs of various companies and locations offering best HR software solutions.


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July 17, 2017

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    5. Learning management
    6. Payroll management
    7. Analytics & Reporting
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