Top 5 Business Consulting And Management Consulting Agencies For Small Businesses

November 04, 2015

Top 5 Business Consulting And Management Consulting Agencies For Small Businesses

The term “small business” can mix up images of skilled multi-taskers and bosses whose philosophy could be summed up as: “We’re already doing everything ourselves; why use business consulting services?” However, hiring business consulting or management consulting firm can bring in several benefits to your small business.

Your small business can gain expertise you need and  fix existing problems, head off potential dangers and make sure your business is best positioned for growth.

The management that is there will know more about your business, the industry, than will the fresh faced kids straight out of school who are the on the ground consultants.

So why are they hire business consulting services for thousands a day to do something the incumbent management can do better?

A simple reply to this question:

There are times when your company can benefit from a third-party, unbiased opinion. That might be because you’re acquiring another business, looking to train your staff, or are having some internal issues you can’t work out on your own.

Business consulting services bring a wealth of experience to the table. Working with a consultant, you’ll get the benefit of his knowledge that has been used at other successful companies in your industry. You will also get an honest opinion about what you’re doing at your company.

1. You Need Specialized Knowledge That Only An External Business Consulting Service Provider Offers

If you wanted to, for example, use Agile Project Management in your company, you might not have anyone certified in Agile on your team. This is a good example of when an outside consultant can provide value for your company.

Consultants have specialties, and they apply them at a variety of different companies. You benefit from that because a consultant can tell you how others are doing what you’re looking to do.

If you’re looking for specialized knowledge, it may be a temporary need. The consultant can advise you on how to proceed, or train your staff so that they ramp up quickly on the information they need to operate more efficiently.

2. You’re Having an Issue That An External Service Provider Is Good To Deal With

It might be political in nature (staff refuses to work together) or a bigger public relations crisis (rumors of your company’s bankruptcy are affecting stock prices). Whatever the issue, a consultant can help you determine the best path to take to remedy the problem. If it’s your public image, a PR consultant can help you with crisis management. If it’s internal, a third party may be the best person to get to the root cause.

3. You’ve Got Bad News to Deliver

Some consultants are brought on to deliver bad news for leaders. It can be difficult not to deliver, say, news about laying people off, without getting emotional, which is why consultants are good at this role. They’re unattached to the staff, and trained at relaying less-than-pleasant news easily.

4. You Want to Know How to Improve

Proactive companies hire consultants when things are running smoothly, just to provide some insight into how the company is doing with regards to operations, management and products. A consultant can review these areas and make suggestions for improvement.

5. You Need Training

Whether you have got a new ERP system or efficiency techniques you want to implement, it may make sense to hire a consultant who is skilled at training people, and who can train your entire staff at once (or individually). A trainer will have the materials needed to facilitate learning quickly.

Are you a small business owner or manager who’s searching to have best management consulting or business consulting services? SME Joinup helps you get in touch with the top 5 recommended business consulting services:

Eucliea Consulting Eulciea Consulting- Business Consulting service provider from New Delhi

Eulciea Consulting is a full-suite business consulting and  management firm, providing clients with all-round, hands-on  support in building brands, businesses and shareholder value.

Eucliea is a strategy consulting company started in 2013 that helps small and mid-sized company’s improve their performance.

The founders of the company have extensive and varied experience behind them, and between the founders, collectively they have over 100 years of experience.

Eucliea consulting have developed its unique delivery model, called the Framework Validation Process, developed after extensive testing with several cases over the last decade.

The top management has been aptly handled by the 4 dynamic professionals: Mr. Prasun Deb, Mr. Kaushik Chattopadhyay, Mr. Anupam Sen, and Mr. Rishi Uberoi.

The primary mission is to identify the key bottlenecks of the systems operating in the company, and the method to eliminate these bottlenecks. Eucliea helps companies improve their performance and take the right decisions in difficult circumstances.

SME Joinup has worked with Eucliea Consulting, and believes in their expert methodology that ensures robust approach, and systematic functional expert participation.  These structured methodologies and tools for problem solving and solution implementation in all their projects ensure a high level of interaction between client and their technology consulting and delivery team – throughout the project life cycle.

 Esskae Management Solutions Business Advisory services from Pune

ESSKAE focuses on the transformation of the Business processes being executed in the organization that are typically impacting on the organizational development, growth, revenue generation financial impact, resource utilization, & the activities which are drivers for the organizational sustainability and scalability.

Their approach for the transformation and scaling these business process activities are not only focusing on the COST, QUALITY and TIME which have historically been the process re-engineering drivers but also the fourth quadrant as CUSTOMER.

They believe that the customers be it internal or external, contributes the most to the continuous change in the process execution methodologies in the organization, hence mapping the CUSTOMER perspective while defining and designing the organizational process execution framework immensely help the organization to achieve real time governance, control and transformation in the process execution approach.

SME Joinup with great pleasure recommends Esskae Management Solutions as the company seems to be very strong financially and has an excellent reputation for timely completion of its work. Needless to say, we consider the company one of our most valued customers.

Search 4 Excellence  Search4Excellence Corporate Business Consulting service provider from Pune

The Search 4 Excellence began in August 2005 and though based in Pune, now has presence in Hyderabad, Bangalore & Delhi.

Their logo symbolizes man’s Quest for ‘Excellence’ in various chosen fields of Enterprise. They are part of this Quest and their aim is to facilitate you in realizing your full potential, thereby “Empowering You” to Higher Pinnacles of ‘Excellence’ & ‘Success’

Their Search begins and ends with Quality, fueled continuously by our Passion and Commitment to Excellence in all that it undertakes.

Apart from business consulting it offers:

  • Training workshops
  • HR Consulting
  • Behavioral & Psychometric Assessment

What their client says:

Well organized and conducted
– Sandeep Rogge

Nicely Conducted and quite informative
– Bhaskar Mandelia

I liked the whole training. The trainer was effective enough to connect and hold the attention of the class. I got to learn many things, which I am definitely going to use at home and at work.
– Chandan Bhatia (John Deere)

This is the best training course I ever had. I would love to attend more trainings from Search 4 Excellence on similar topics
– Santosh Surwase (John Deere)

It was a good learning experience
– Shubham Ganguly

Great way of relating concepts to real senarios
– Vivek Dixit

Thank you for making my two days creative
– Abhijit Khopatkar (John Deere)

This session is very good and refreshing as we work throughout the month. So keep it up and keep refreshing people. For a change we are interested in these programs and look forward to attend more of your programs
– Sourabh Khede

It was a good training and relevant to the job
– Vilas Salunke (John Deere)


SME Joinup highly believes in Search4Excellence services because of their strict adherence to quality, impeccable service credibility in the market, fun based learning and latest research is a base of all their programs to keep the training relevant and updated.

WhiteElephantProcess  White Elephant Process Consulting – Business Consulting service provider from Nagpur

A Proven Model to Bring Success to Your Company ITIL Process and Delivery Practices. It believes that a successful delivery organization must be modeled around ITIL delivery practices to ensure effective management and positive results. White Elephant Process Consulting has implemented a full ITIL process as per the customer’s requirements with particular emphasis on the core areas of Incident management, Problem management and Change management.

  • White Elephant Process Consulting offers:
  • Business management support
  • Performance diagnostics
  • IT Process Consulting
  • Business process re-design

The ITIL framework is the backbone of White Elephant Process Consulting’s enterprise-grade support. Combined with our Tiered Delivery Model, White Elephant Process Consulting assures its customers that the right resource is always working on the right issue at the right time. They also provide end to end Project Management services right from the Planning phase to the Roll Out and BAU operations.

 TCF Consulting Services (India) Private Limited (TCF) – Business Consulting service provider from Mumbai

In today’s competitive environment, a well-developed business plan is no longer a luxury, but an absolute necessity. Whether you are a start-up business needing to attract venture capital or a successful operation that is planning for the future, a written document outlining your goals and action plan is a vital tool to accomplishing your business objectives. Their professionals have written business plans for a variety of industries.

TCF work closely with financial sources to develop marketable plans that give you an edge with venture capitalists. Of course, one of the most important functions of a business plan is accurately forecasting a realistic income statement for your business.

Using a variety of techniques, their professionals will help you develop sales, expense and cash flow projections, as well as identify critical capital needs. This process will first identify the feasibility of your business plan, as well as the potential areas of weakness that may need to be addressed. This vital tool can give you a critical edge in an ever-increasing competitive business environment.


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November 04, 2015

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