Top 5 Best And Affordable HRMS Systems For Small Businesses in India

October 07, 2015

Top 5 Best And Affordable HRMS Systems For Small Businesses in India

The HRMS Software market is ever evolving and growing fast. To put up with the varying needs of the businesses, HRMS software are now available both customized as well as company designed helping businesses, especially; small businesses of India to ease of the work.

HRMS System’s vendors are turning out more solutions and small businesses are buying them.


As per Deloitte’s Bersin Division,  58% of the companies plan to make a major HRMS Software in the next 18 months. But making a software purchase is usually predicted on having excess funds.

What if you are not able to afford this software? What if you are a start-up or small business, and buying the latest incarnation of Peoplesoft sounds about as realistic as buying all of your employees next bonus?

Despite of the tighter budgets, and limited resources, small businesses still need to centralize the workflow efficiently when it comes to human resource. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best and affordable HRMS Systems for small businesses – cloud based systems, modern, industry leading functionalities at an affordable point.

Small Businesses Miserabilities When It Comes To HR

HR in small businesses has for years been dealing in managing spreadsheets, paper forms and endless number of filing cabinets and employee records. As many have attest, that such practice is chaotic, inefficient and difficult to train the employees and streamline the work.

The emergence of HRMS Systems have bridged the gap and now small and medium sized businesses can have an affordable way to access the HR  technology that was once available to big, established companies.

The number of vendors offering HRMS Systems continues to grow, and offering what is right for your organization.

Businesses of every size have been impacted by the need for better talent management, and the software industry itself has evolved to meet new strategic demands. From a broad perspective, things are looking up. But small businesses still face a number of more nuanced challenges:

There is no dedicated HR Staff

Many small businesses either assign HR responsibilities to a cross-functional manager or to a single, in-house HR administrator. In either scenario, a single person handles payroll and benefits, time tracking, grievances/disciplinary action, hiring, promotions, and so forth.

Performance gaps that is difficult to handle

On smaller teams, it becomes quickly apparent if certain employees aren’t pulling their weight. But without a formal performance management or training system in place, how do you orchestrate consistent improvement?

Regulatory compliance and record keeping of the employees and practicing the same

HR regulations are in a constant state of flux. Small businesses must balance record-keeping etiquette with healthcare reform, tax codes, and labor laws. Armed with only a file cabinet and the Sunday paper, this is sure to result in mistakes, processing delays, and, in worst cases, legal fines.

Employee attrition the biggest problem

As per the Jobvite survey of over 2,000 adults, 52% of employed workers are actively seeking or at least open to a new job. Without a strategy for investing in talent and building an attractive work culture, small businesses lose good employees to competitors that offer higher salaries and better benefits.

Key Features For HRMS System For Your Small Businesses Should Focus In Getting

HRMS System can help small businesses alleviate these pain points by automating administrative tasks, record-keeping, and compliance, and by giving HR coordinators tools to find and keep the best talent. In the current market, most solutions are moving toward mobile access, multi-channel talent management, internal collaboration models, self-service access, and end-to-end integration.

In order to get the highest return on your investment, it’s important to choose a solution that offers modern capabilities and intuitive access. Although solutions vary from vendor to vendor, most will offer some combination the following features:

  • Employee self-service
  • Applicant tracking and on-boarding
  • Compensation and succession planning
  • Payroll and benefits administration
  • Performance management
  • Time/attendance tracking
  • Applicant screenings
  • Social recruiting
  • Collaboration tools
  • Reporting/analytic
  • Mobile access

What Are The Different Types Of HRMS Systems Available:

There are many different ways to package HR systems. Most small business solutions are cloud-based, which saves upfront cost and eliminates the need for IT infrastructure, but there are also on-premise options for the cloud-wary.

Beyond deployment models, there are three primary classes of HR system structured around use intent:

Core HR: Core HR solutions help businesses perform the administrative functions of managing a workforce—payroll, benefits administration, time and attendance tracking, workforce planning, and regulatory compliance. The self-service portal—which lets employees access their work-related data and enter updates and requests—is also an integral feature for most core systems.

Strategic HR: The primary focus of strategic HR solutions is to hire, retain, and develop the best employees, for which reason it’s often referred to as “talent management.” These solutions mostly address recruitment, performance management, training and development, and succession planning. Some may even be best-of-breed applications designed to address a specific aspect of talent management, such as the hiring process.

Integrated HR suites: These solutions provide end-to-end functionality across most or all areas of HR management including administrative aspects as well as recruitment, talent management, and e-learning (or learning management systems). Some product suites are sold in modules, which can be purchased discretely, according to need.

The best HRMS System needs to meet your company’s specific needs. The most affordable will likely depend on the deployment method you are interested in. The more user accounts you need to register, often it becomes expensive. Cloud HRMS Systems are inexpensive whereas on-premises are costly.

Take A Call, and Find Best And Affordable HRMS Systems For Your Small Businesses

Opportune Technologies, can help you get to the next level in Human Capital Management. It offers cloud based enterprise HRMS System on SaaS model. Their web based HRMS solution can be used as a platform for HR workflows, HR outsourcing, Employee self services & payroll processing. Recruitment to payroll, employee life cycle to advanced MIS and Employees behavioral pattern to Analytics it covers it all.

Their esteemed client list include names like: Andromeda BPO, Almats Branding Solutions, NISM, JMDR (India and Australia),  HCL Comnet, Capgemini, HCL Technologies, 3I Infotech etc.

What Opportune’s clients have to say on this…..

“For a dynamic multi location multi user interface requirement of Secure Parking Solutions, “HRMS Systems we took from Opportune fits just right for requirement we were looking for at Secure Parking Solutions. Opportune HRMS System has helped us bring critical HR functions like Payroll and statutory challans generation as well as HR MIS reco under one roof and helped eased the pressure of timely payroll generation to a great extend”- Vaibhava Mahamunkar, Human Resource. 

Flexible, Fast and Friendly folks to be associated with !! “connecting Mr. Dhwani Mehta and Opportune team when we were in the process of renewing our Payroll Management Systems. We had many inconsistencies in Payroll Processing which have been creatively eclipsed and ironed out by offered by “Opportune”. It has been a pleasure engaging with Opportune team in the course of making our Payroll Systems robust and immaculate.- Raman Gopal, VP- Operations , Andromeda BPO.

RH Factor, it is  known as a partner company, contributing in the success and growth of business and sustainability of all companies associated with them. To provide best HRMS Systems business solutions, in a timely manner with complete ownership for wholesome customer satisfaction is what the company aims for.

RH Factor, is committed and dedicated to earning the trust and loyalty of our partner companies by performing their work in accordance with their core values of Honesty, with strong Ethics, earning Respect for ourselves and our partners with complete ownership of our actions leading to mutual growth and success.

Grey Tip is a specialist HR Software offering company with more than 20 years of domain experience. The difference is that they are purely focusing on HRMS systems which are rare blend of technical competence, service, quality and design. If you are looking for best and affordable HRMS software solutions, go nowehere than Grey Tip.

To read Grey Tip’s case studies, click here….

The clientele list that Grey Tip’s is overwhelming includes names like CET Power Solutions, Berger Paints, BMM Ispat,  Primus Global,  Green Peace India Society,  Printo, AINO Management Consultancy, OrangeScape Technologies,  Creative Polymers etc.

Seed Management Services provides you with the cost effective HRMS System solutions – a cloud based HRMS that enables you to remotely manage servers efficiently. There is no need for the capital investment or build your own Network Operation Center or hunt server experts, instead of you can now focus on your client relationships and at the same time remain competitive and offer services to the clients under stringent service levels.

To know in detailed about Seed Management Services, click here….

What their client says, let’s have a look….

“Our process has become more organized and prompt. Greytip has helped us a lot!” – Aadya Bhushan, HR Guru and Jana Chartered Accountants.

“I must say that you have made an excellent product. Greytip is helping us to be more organized, eliminate errors and reduce man power. We are currently using Payroll since January and look forward to use other products as well” -Jayagopal T, Global Systems Pvt. Ltd.

“At the outset, I would like to thank you and your team for delivering and supporting a product that suits our business needs. Your team has been extremely cordial whenever we have interacted with them. We are highly satisfied with your product and the information that we can generate out of the product. This appreciation is not only from the HR Team but also from our Senior Leadership Team”- Satish Kumar M.N, Cellstream Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Intero Solutions is a Delhi based company and one of the  leading business process outsourcing services provider in the country. The company operating with over 200 professionals across the India has presence in more than 15 cities with regional offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. In 2013, Intero has extended its reach in many countries with channel of cohesive partner networks in other countries of Asian and African continents.

The company is known for offering affordable HRMS System solutions to the small businesses of India with improved efficiency and productivity.




October 07, 2015

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