Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tools For Businesses Of All Sizes

October 24, 2018

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tools For Businesses Of All Sizes

Which are the best social media marketing tools available on the market?

With so many social media marketing tools out there how do you know which one to use?

The number of social media tools out there can leave both the beginner and even the more advanced user overwhelmed. This is a question that has sparked many heated debates among marketers. With so many different social media management tools available and their importance to any social media marketer, it can be very difficult to find the right tool for you.

The Importance Of Social Media Management Tools

what makes social media management tools so important to those who use social media for promotional purposes, as well as what features and results most of us need to get out of them.

The main things to look for in a social media management tool is if it makes you more productive and efficient.

Social media marketing tools


Does it take you less time to manage all of your social accounts? Are you creating better social media campaigns and generally getting better results by using the tool? Is it making the process of managing multiple accounts easier?

With those end goals in mind, you’ll want to examine the following features in social media management tools

  • Multiple accounts – Can you manage multiple social media accounts across all major platforms?
  • Team collaborations features – Can multiple team members work on the same accounts? Can you assign tasks to team-members?
  • Analytics – Do you get detailed analytics reports on your social media activity?
  • Monitoring – Can you monitor keywords, other accounts, hashtags, etc.?
  • Can you schedule posts for when you can’t go online?

Top Social Media Marketing Tools That Every Businesses Can Use

New platforms have emerged that continue to transform the way we communicate. These changes affect both how brands promote their message, and how their fans respond.

Here are top 10 social media marketing tools out there to try.


When it comes to listing the best social media marketing tools, Buffer tops the chart.

Buffer is an intuitive, streamlined social media management platform trusted by brands, businesses, agencies, and individuals to help drive meaningful engagement and results on social media.

The Buffer dashboard comprises of suite of products for publishing, engagement, analytics, and team collaboration. The products are carefully considered and highly refined in order to help social media marketers and teams work more efficiently and effectively.

Essentially, Buffer can take a jumble of social media accounts, organize them and in the process make marketing more manageable.

For detailed info about Buffer click here

2. HootSuite

HootSuite lets you manage all your social media accounts in one place.

It is probably the biggest social media management tool, is used by over 15 million people and more than 800 of the Fortune 1000 companies.

There’s a good reason for their success: it’s an all-in-one platform that allows you to curate and schedule content, measure your social ROI, run social media ads, and more.

Being such a comprehensive platform, there are several things that people love about Hootsuite is being able to monitor multiple accounts and keywords, connect with over 35 social networks, and bulk-schedule social media posts.

For detailed info about HootSuite click here

3. SproutSocial

Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media marketing tool to help managers better control their efforts. It features multi-level access, allowing directorial control, and access from lower-level team members to better coordinate and delegate tasks.

It comes with full post scheduling capabilities, a detailed analytics platform, and even a social listening platform to better understand how your demographics use your platforms of choice.

The best part about Sprout Social is its amazing reports. Many social media managers found the reports so great and beautiful that they would download and send them to their managers or clients without editing them.

For detailed info about SproutSocial click here

4. Sendible

Are you a team managing social media for a lot of different clients? Sendible is the tool for you. Sendible has unique inboxes for each brand, accessible by any member of your team, so communication is streamlined. When it comes to move in cleaning it is always a good idea to consider hiring a local professional to give you a hand. They also offer a content engine that suggests new material based on the topics of your profiles and followers. In addition, calendars are fully interactive. Who said teamwork has to be hard?

Sendible has some impressive integrations such as the Canva graphics editor, royalty-free image search, and YouTube search. It also provides some automation for those who want to save time on repetitive tasks.

For detailed info about Sendible click here

5. eClincher

One of the best social media marketing tools.

eClincher allows you to schedule and publish posts, respond to social messages, and analyze your social media performance. Manage all your social media posting and interactions with eClincher. The most complete social media management platform for publishing, engagement, monitoring, suggested content, influencers, analytics reporting, and much more.

What makes eClincher different from other tools is that it enables you to auto-post with smart queues and RSS feeds, has a media library for your images, and lets you search for social media influencers.

For detailed info about eClincher click here

6. Social Pilot

It is a social media marketing tools,  a place where all your platforms can be reached via one network and using only one account.

It provides a simple dashboard and offer it at very affordable prices. With its client management feature, it is believed that it’s great for agencies that work with several clients.

Social Pilot curates and suggests content from several industries such as tech, education, and health and fitness, which is great if you want to find relevant content easily. Furthermore; it has another valuable feature is its white label reports, which are especially handy for agencies.

For detailed info about Social Pilot click here

7. CoSchedule

Single-handedly manage your entire marketing roadmap in one place.

Eliminate the endless email threads, sticky notes, and the dozen and half moving pieces in various different tools so you can focus on the real work of driving sales and growing your business.

Sync all your favorite tools and social platforms into one place, so you can focus on driving traffic to your site (not jumping from one tool to the next. CoSchedule integrates with tools such as WordPress, Google Analytics, Evernote, Google Docs, and more.

For more detailed info about CoSchedule click here

8. SocialDrift

Personalized growth strategies powered by artificial intelligence.  Actionable tips to grow your audience, optimize and increase engagement.

Used by McDonalds, Sprint and major industry influencers with millions of followers, SocialDrift is an Instagram marketer’s best friend.

The platform automates Instagram interactions, which help to organically increase follower count. Users just need to provide SocialDrift with information about ideal Instagram followers, and the platform will use machine learning to engage users through likes, comments and follows. Because of this engagement, users will frequently follow accounts in return.

In time, SocialDrift can dramatically increase the number of high-quality Instagram followers through the platform’s Instagram bot, named Securebot.

For detailed info about SocialDrift click here

9. MAVSocial

MavSocial is one of the best social media marketing tools with a focus on visual content. For the higher-priced plans, it seems that you can also manage your Facebook ads with MavSocial.

On top of the common features such as scheduling, monitoring, and reporting, MavSocial has a digital library where you can manage, use, and edit your multimedia for your social media posts and a search engine where you can browse through millions of stock photos.

Hence; MavSocial can also help you repeat your social media posts for a specified duration.

For detailed info about MAVSocial click here


Photo and video are highly influential on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Consequently, marketing teams are often pressured to produce beautiful visuals and graphics to get attention and increase brand visibility.

Canva contains plenty of social media marketing design tools, tutorials, templates and more, so users have the materials to create almost anything they can conceive. With Canva being your social media makreting tools, your marketing teams can still generate stunning content and gather a larger following.

For detailed info about Canva click here


Closing Thoughts

Social media is a powerful ally in this journey. By going beyond branding, you can turn social channels into powerful lead-gen machines. Focus on using the four tactics outlined above to generate more traffic and turn more of your visitors into leads.



October 24, 2018

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