Top 10 Reasons Why Small-Medium Businesses of India Should Invest In Mobile App

October 05, 2015

Top 10 Reasons Why Small-Medium Businesses of India Should Invest In Mobile App

Should you invest in a mobile app for your business? Well, this is one thing that majority of the small business entrepreneur are most confused about. Since, they have just started, getting a mobile app for the business seems to be oh-not-so-appealing consideration to them. But this is where, they are missing the opportunity to gain visibility, earn huge and make it big.

These days, whichever business you click on the web are bound to have a mobile app exclusively for their customers. So, if you are not having you know what you are missing. It is as important to maintain an online presence as to have a mobile app for your business whether small or big.

As per the recent study, by the year 2019 it is estimated that there will be about 5.7 billion smartphone users which is a hell lot of opportunity of earnings not just locally or nationally but globally but only if your company has a mobile app.


Keeping in mind the importance of the mobile app in today’s date, we have lined up Top 10 Reasons Why Small-Medium Businesses Of India Should Invest in Mobile App:

1.Business Needs Mobile App Because The World Has Gone Mobile

It is estimated that by 2015, 2 billion people will own a smartphone while more than 790 million of them will be using a smartphone or a tablet exclusively, meaning they will not even own a laptop or a desktop computer. Also by then, Americans will have discarded the bulky computers and will be using mostly mobile devices for local searches. These numbers, with the data that 57% of searches on mobile devices result in an action – a visit to the store, a call or a buy – testify to the importance of mobile devices, as well as of how important it is to start conquering that world on time.

2.Your Business Needs Mobile App Because It Offers On The Go Marketing

With mobile applications, your existing customers can access your business anywhere and at any time in a user friendly environment. Regular use of your app will reinforce your brand or business. This means that when they need to purchase something, chances are they will come to you. You have created a relationship with them using the app and this is tantamount to placing your business in your customers’ pockets.

3.Your Business Needs Mobile App Because It Is Quickly Becoming A Social Platform

It almost goes without mentioning that people are obsessed with social media. So you will want to be a part of their obsessions well. Integrating social features such as comments, likes, in-app messaging and so forth in your mobile app can help your business improve its social standing.

People spend a lot of time on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. Remember we are by nature social beings and mobile app development is the future of social interaction. A great example of this is that has essentially built its own community within its reviews area.

4.Your Business Needs Mobile App Because It Helps You Capture A Real Time Data Capture

A mobile application saves you from the slow process of collecting data and analyzing it. Focus groups can be expensive and time consuming. Mobile apps make it easy to capture information about customer preferences and actions on your app. This information can be used to deliver personalized content that is relevant to the individual consumer as well as for making decisions on how to improve your app based on how customers are actually using it.

5.Your Business Needs Mobile App Because It Offers Better Sales And Services To The Customers

Thankfully mobile app development has made sales easier than ever before. It is changing the way people buy and sell products and services. It has also changed the way customers view and analyze a product before purchasing. This means that consumers have more options than ever to make informed buying decisions. With that said, it is important that you provide your client with a dedicated app, focused on providing customers with the information they are looking for. Never forget that better customer service is one of the best practices to drive more sales and mobile app is a perfect medium to enhance support and service.


6.Your Business Needs Mobile App Because It Improves Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is exactly what you can create with your application. It ensures that your business is right in the palm of your customer’s hand. Consumers can interact with your business while in the car, in the dentist waiting room and in line at the bank. Furthermore, you can use their location and profile information to personalize your offers in order to make them more relevant and attractive.

7.Your Business Needs Mobile App Because It Offers Convenient Payment Process

The future is mobile payments…it is the mantra repeated by all whose business on the internet. We are just a few short years away from the time in where every small business owner will worry about getting the option of mobile payment. Nothing to worry about, Androids and iPhones will be ready by then.

Paypal already charged $28 billion dollars via mobile payments last year. There is no doubt in which direction the future is going – the number of mobile internet users is increasing, and these are the people walking down your street, browsing the internet and looking for you.

8.Your Business Needs Mobile App Because It Provides 24*7 Access To Your Customers

A mobile app can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Your consumers can interact with your business while on the go. For example, they can not only place additional orders but can access all account information, track recent sales and account activity. Business can also respond immediately to customer requests. This level of service takes your business to the next level in customers’ minds.

9.Your Business Needs Mobile App Because It Helps You Expand Your Market

Unlike the online revolution of the 90’s that grew significantly deeper within the country before expanding to other areas, the mobile revolution is growing equally fast internationally in both developed and emerging countries. In fact, mobile services like Instagram and Flipboard have seen their user base grow at accelerated speeds in countries like China, Brazil and Turkey, among others. In emerging countries like India, it is an interesting phenomenon that many users are getting online for the first time through mobile devices. This new potential reach could mean market expansion opportunities for your small business.

10. Your Business Needs Mobile App Because Starting Early Will Pay Off

Mobile as a commerce platform entails unique challenges, and it will likely take some time for companies to arrive at the right mobile product and strategy. Since, you being a newbie, it will help your business way ahead than the companies even the big one coming on board to tap their potential market. This way when they do come and represent their company, a significant part of you will be prepared and heading ahead of time.

So, it is high time if you haven’t got a mobile app for your business. Not sure where to get? Not a problem, below mentioned are some of the top trusted mobile app development service providers of India offering affordable, cutting-edge technology mobile app to your small business:

Pompeii Technology is a leading IT Company having vast experience in branding and digital marketing. Their exclusiveness is Mobile apps  and have been leading service provider for the same. They have accepted many challenges as per needs of clients for discovering new ways to enhance the usability of Internet & computers and to run the app flawlessly on all the devices.

For their recent news and events, click here.

Their diversified clientele include names like Career Step Up,, Penguin, Nagpur Guru, Tradeocean,  Phoenix Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.

What their clients have to say:

Holistically redefine worldwide products and corporate supply chains. Quickly predominate long-term high-impact applications and excellent channels. Collaboratively procrastinate backward-compatible e-commerce before flexible platforms. Phosphorescently build. – Mendy Brittany, CTO Workernet, Zurich, Switcherland.

Like Pompeii, there are other leading names in the market when it comes to mobile app development service providers- Inoapps, Sadyogi, and PK Webbs. These mobile app development vendors are known for offering extremely affordable and latest mobile app creation services to the clients of India. With the skilled team of mobile app developers, these companies have the capabilities to accomplish what their client demands – from basics to complex mobile apps.




October 05, 2015

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