SME Joinup Lets You Know The Best B2B Marketing Practices To Generate Leads

March 02, 2016

SME Joinup Lets You Know The Best B2B Marketing Practices To Generate Leads

Generating leads through online B2B marketing is a budding technique, which is helping thousands of small budget SMEs to stay in competition. What’s more, b2b marketing has become important for every size company (either it has become a world famous brand or a budding business idea), but if you fail to target quality leads, it means you have wasted sources and time. In all this, the role of social media and its tools like blogging and video sharing is very important.

Though, the tactics of B2B marketing is changing dramatically, but there are some common fundamentals that should be known by every marketer to follow a perfect strategy. For example, the ways are becoming more refined and focused to increase prospects engagement by sharing high quality content and information.

Here are some top studies insights:

lead gen 1st image

Boundaries Restricts  B2B Marketers


B2B marketing is entirely different as it has few limitations:

  • Limited access as it carries a particular segment
  • Prospects are experts in their field
  • The remain busy and don’t talk anybody without reason
  • Difficult to convince them without real facts and figures as they are expert in own area
  • Complex decision – making process because of involvement of different people and departments


To overpower all these limitations, you must have a powerful strategy and sufficient knowledge of the segment so that you can succeed to handle a complex conversation on business context successfully. Analysis of online marketing campaigns is very important to turn website visitors into business lead.

However if you follow a proven process, it will definitely improve your business leads numbers up to 10-20 % and it would be the best for your business.

But B2B marketers are still missing the key B2B marketing practices like social media (93 percent) and blogs (81 percent) etc. While Webinars (66%) and in-person events (75%) are the some of the most effective B2B content marketing tactics. To understand the goal of your lead nurturing efforts see the picture shared below:


lead gen 2nd image


Next to this, what other steps can be taken to multiply, control, automate and optimize your business leads? SME Joinup is sharing here some of the keys:

What Are the Keys to a Successful B2B Marketing campaign? – SMEjoinup Explains  

Being a marketer, how enhance your lead generation performance? Here is some of the best B2B marketing tactics info provided by SME Joinup, India’s leading B2B marketplace recognized to stay ahead in the competition:


Start with the Study of the Market to Identify Best Targets for Lead Generation

Your business website and hosted form definitely aids to generate a portion of leads, but it is critical to consider it as a main source. The most effective ways to reach prospects is find out the right sources that help in developing effective marketing strategy.

It is a simple process that can be started with the study of market and the sources collected from online or offline media. Then make a lay out about how to target these sources effectively so that they could become prospects in the future. This is very simple exercise which can be repeated easily and helps the organization like SME Joinup too to draw a complete picture for its B2B marketing plan time to time.


Reaching to the Prospect through Social Media

After making a marketing plan, you have to find out the ways to reaching out to the prospects through your creative marketing plan because the opportunities to connect with prospects are limited. However in the era of social media with billions of active Internet users, this task has turn out to be easy. Social or online media make it easier to find out leads through business blogging, email marketing and content marketing etc.

lead gen 3rd image

So, be a social media savvy for networking and create business accounts in the social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest and Instagram to create a great business image in the market. SMEjoinup has already using social media to reach prospects. You can also follow it on social sites like twitter, facebook and Linkedin for latest updates.

Content Marketing – Blueprint of Successful B2B Marketing Plan

No matter in which segment you are doing business, you can use quality content for successful B2B marketing. If you succeed to follow a right strategy to write some interesting and fruitful posts with the help of right people, it will help you to drive high number of sales leads.

SME Joinups sometimes also fails to attract people to read its posts in detail but some others produce outstanding results. It makes more social shares to enhance users’ engagement on its blog that benefit it as well its partnering companies or vendors all along highlighting about their services and products. It also keeps switching to its content strategy to drive more number of B2B leads. In addition, if you note down highlights of your content strategy, it will help you to set up well defined business goals which you intend to achieve through your content marketing.

lead gen 4rth image


Create Some Interesting Instructional Videos

What kind of queries your clients asked from you is really valuable. Nothing is wrong, if you use these queries to make small instructional professional videos to share online on Youtube along highlighting about yourself and your business services. SME Joinup has completed a dozen of workshops, seminars and events and a number of great videos showing the solutions of many business problems. They are available online for the use of other businesses that could be the prospects for business leads to SME Joinup as well.

Infographics -Visual Eye Candy and Powerful Marketing Tools


Infographics are interesting and great tools to drive traffic to your business website. You can make your own inforgraphics without hitting your budget. Customized infographics can be made by using PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator etc. Check out, SMEjoinup Infographics to understand more about B2B marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, blog writing and more.

Starting a Meaningful Conversation for Industry Experts Involvement and Prospects Engagement

If you succeed to make a strong network with decision makers, now it’s a time to start conversing with them. Sharing of blogs and other content from your side encourage them to share their views on same topics and almost everyone like to add on their experiences and knowledge with other one in the form of comments on every shared post.

Using Offline Channels for B2B Marketing

Are you unknown to offline B2B marketing practices? Events including seminars, exhibitions and business shows are considered effective by 84% of B2B marketers, but not all of them are cost effective. So be selective in choosing offline B2B marketing platforms which are considered effective as well cost effective:

lead gen 5th image

Reuse Available Data

If you have low budget or lack of resources for generating new data, reuse your old data. Just make few changes in it with the additions of data of new researches to breathe new life on old data. You can easily find a lot of new and old studies on the Internet related to the selected topic, just gather the right information and share it along the old data. Use of new images, charts and images etc. will convert your old post in to fresh and new one.

Again, are you not convinced about B2B marketing strategy for your business? Well go to , they will make you understand everything easily. Even you can look for its vendors like Mark and Make, Lead Squared, Juvlon and Variform who made it super easy for other businesses to  follow right and effective B2B marketing strategy. Or, just fill up the attached form, Smejoinup experts will contact you soon. Join and be part of our 50000+ Business Owners and Decision Makers Network.



March 02, 2016

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