Should Small Businesses Care About Branding? Get The Business Insights From Top 5 Brand Management Service Providers For Small Business India

November 23, 2015

Should Small Businesses Care About Branding? Get The Business Insights From Top 5 Brand Management Service Providers For Small Business India

“Branding” is one of those powerful words, that multinationals and marketers see it as the potential to the businesses. But what if your company isn’t a big one with the huge budget? In this modernized world of small businesses, every mistake is felt deeply and every cent is counted. To become the first choice of the customers, you need to stand exclusive in the crowd.

It requires immense efforts to make it “customer’s first choice”. To explain in simple terms, better perception outsells better products. But how?Branding is the answer to this question. Okay!!!! But is it possible to accommodate “Branding” in your budget? You are already on a tight budget and to add on another business expenditure is tough, but there are ways where you can smartly apply the branding ideas and get your business noticed. What Makes Up The Brand Value? Visual elements like logo, colors and fonts add value to your company’s products and services in making it into unique brand identity.

For instance, when you see “The Right Tick” you immediately relate to the brand “Nike”. Another example you take is reading the punch lines of the famous brand “Coca-cola” – “Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola”. Unique selling point Your USP is the summary of what your company is into and how you are different from others. You can sum up the summary in few words, making it a catch phrase.

Ensure that the USP is focusing on how it benefits the customers. Picture brand The visual element can play a crucial part. It’s a human psychology that it can easily connect to the logo/picture than text. You can come up with some attractive picture logo that distinct your company’s style and comply with the brand value.

Benefits of brand management- Why Small Business Should Care?

Brand management is one of those core concepts that give the desired push to the business. Especially, the small business that are struggling to get noticed it is important for them to have some branding strategies lined up. There are several benefits associated with it such as: • It adds uniqueness to your product and services • It encourages the confidence and trust in your customer base • With branding, you can plan your next steps successfully • It increases the sales  and not only this but also your company’s market value If you are one of those start up business entrepreneur and looking to create brand awareness than what could be the best way than getting services from one of the business shops from Branding is what helps the prospective buyer call to mind a particular company when it comes the time to buy. The bottom line is branding helps awareness. Get your brand visibility through these trusted experts…


Promozsquare   Promozsquare – Chennai

Promozsquare is an organization, with the team of young professionals – a collective experience from the diversified sector, all connecting at Promozsquare for value addition. The company’s marketing and communication team is crazy on newer marketing and PR ideas. Fresh, unique and creative key points to drive more attention and offer quality solutions to the clients. To read their latest update about Promozsquare, click here.

Mark & Make Media Pvt Ltd    Mark & Make – Pune Mark & Make Media adds value to your organization/identity/brand by offering 360 degree media solutions, web design and development, branding, advertising and marketing. M & M has a unique team of enthusiastic and creative individuals with the strong vendor connect to understand and establish the unique perception of the business so that it can establish an unshakable place it deserves.

Mark & Make Media (M&M Media) adds value to your organization/brand/identity by offering 360 degree Media Solutions. Web Design & Development, Graphic Design, Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Printing, Consulting, Packaging, etc you name it, M&M Media does it. M&M Media has a unique team of enthusiastic and creative individuals with a strong vendor connect to understand and establish the unique perception of your business so it can establish an unshakable place it deserves – “Your Customer’s Mind”.
 Adworth Media – New Delhi

Adworth Media  is a fresh and innovative advertising agency dealing in various medias of promotion namely Radio, Outdoor, Inflight Branding, Creative designing and Television advertising. It has developed and successfully executed media plans for numerous brands. We have a track record of best service and timely implementation which oriented towards results.

The clients who have rendered their varied services are: The Hungry Minds, KARA, DiTM, Radisson, PARAM, AIRCEL Their specialties are: Creative designing, television advertising, transmit media advertising, Jingle marketing, OOH, Radio advertising.
   Noshe Oceanic – Noida

Noshe Oceanic  was established in the year 1998 by its founder Asheesh Shethi. The company began as a retail specialist agency by creating hard hitting and noticeable advertising for premium retail brands across the city. The current wave of acquisitions has added clients in real estate, technology, food and beverages and infrastructure. The firm believes in continuously embracing newer and effective processes and technologies and adapting to emerging trends and developments in the industry.   Jotoor Designs


Pompeii™ Technologies | Digital Marketing | E-commerce Pompeii Technologies -Nagpur, and Mumbai Pompeii is a leading established IT company that delivers comprehensive Web & Software services of any complexity to its clients. Their company provides broad range of services with Unique Digital Brand Strategy, Internet Reputation Management, Affordable Product Engineering Services, Mobile Application, E-Commerce development, Web design & Development, Web hosting and Graphics Design services, with website security Solutions and service monitoring support around the globe. Their client names include Penguin, Nagpur Guru, Himalaya Infra Projects, Santa Fe relocation services, Desert landscapes, Innovation enterprise Apart from IT Services, they offer 150 cities trusted online local Shopping E-commerce portal, with fulfillment and warehousing centre. Their subsidiary venture offers facilities of local business & services listings in city and can be used by people from multiple locations around the globe.


SME Joinup has got the best of the best brand management service providers for the small businesses in India, as it believes in helping clients launch new brands, reinvigorate existing ones, introduce products, and solve a myriad of strategic challenges such as brand architecture, category development, environmental branding, employee communication, and more. Regardless of the assignment, these companies strive to design meaningful and relevant brand experiences at every possible touch point—because this is what successful brands do.

November 23, 2015

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