Techsimplified Software Services Pvt. Ltd.

Techsimplified Software Solutions is a Hyderabad based Product Engineering and Consulting firm. The company is based out of the key IT Hubs in India and Singapore, it is led by the expertise professionals having extensive experience  in the relevant field.

Since its inception in 2014, this company has been providing product engineering, IT consulting, Website design and development, ERP service and CRM service services to its clients across domains and sectors.

Its expert team strives to provide cost effective and simple solutions to complex business problems. The expert team of Techsimplified come with vast experience and domain knowledge and is led by the Director, Product Engineering and Consulting, Mr. Sridhar K.

The company helps the clients establish their product and brand through a plethora of services and solutions as per their budget and requirement. Techsimplified also enables its clients in the maintenance and support of their websites and in building and implementing a new product or service. It helps their clients in improving their brand visibility through a well structured and visually appealing and easy to navigate website designing.

Services Offered

Website Design & Development 

All business have moved online. If not for sales then only for information about their products and services. Consumers have ample options on the Internet for any requirement they may have. What attracts the consumers to a website or a blog is more than just the offerings of the business. As in offline shopping, the consumers are more inclined to browse through a website if the appearance is appealing and the navigation is easy to understand and manage. Hence the dilemma – how do we deliver the best shop online?

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Businesses today are becoming more and more aggressive online also. This is the need of the hour. The best approach to this is a better looking and easily navigable website. The website or app should convey the business message in a way that is easy to understand and easy to find. Too complex designs and too many clicks wary off the visitors costing companies direct/indirect conversions. Customer is king – this statement is true for a business’ online property as well. The company should deliver information and products in a way that gives clear design and effortless navigation.

Product Engineering

Techsimplified helps its clients in the planning and execution of a Product Development Lifecycle through planning the product architecture, responsive and user-friendly website designing, HTML coding, Third Party Integration, Support/Maintenance and Product Re-engineering. The team works hand-in-hand with their clients in understanding their business and product requirement and enables a seamless data integration and flow backed with the latest programming languages and software platforms

Mobile Application Development Services

The company provides Mobile Application and Development Services on Android, iOS, Windows etc. It also enables Cross-Platform responsive web applications to its clients. The Techsimplified team has an in-depth knowledge of the latest software platforms and has a clear understanding of the market trends and customer requirements. It has the experience of working on all the Android platforms right from Gingerbread to Lollipop and also in building Hybrid apps using HTML5 and JavaScript. It enables the clients to project their company and its services in a more appealing and improved fashion thus enhancing their brand image. It provides mobile applications for both start-ups and big enterprises.

Consulting Services

Techsimplified provides consulting solutions to its clients in problems pertaining to website designing, performance improvements and tunings as the business grows to ensure that an application doesn’t go obsolete and in documenting of processes and procedures of the system for future references. It helps its clients in a wide range of CRM services ranging from feasibility analysis to post-implementation support and migration of data. It also enables the clients in making decisions related to ERP service migration and implementation.


Techsimplified Sofware Solutions is based out of Hyderabad, Telangana & Singapore.


Techsimplified Software Solutions has clients in various sectors like:

  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Power Plants
  • IT