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For ages, HR folks have been living in between sheets (spreadsheets, to be precise). When the data gets overwhelming, the formulas get confusing. Whether it’s Attendance management, Payroll process, Leave applications and balances or plain columns of data with Employee Profile details, sumHR runs it’s magic wand (of course, metaphorically speaking) and presents a simple, easy, and effective way to manage tons of your HR data and processes.

Established in the year 2010, sumHR is a web-based HR management software with powerful communication & collaboration tools. It’s an ideal application for growing companies with the need to streamline HR processes and enable employee engagement within the organization.

Using sumHR, a company can aggregate all employee data, streamline leave tracking, organize information sharing, and enable teams to collaborate in a more efficient way – all on one platform. sumHR is an attempt to rid companies from all things inefficient, unscalable and “un-cool” in their organizations.



Services Offered By SUM HR

HRMS – HR Software

The salient features of SUM HR software are:

easy-hr-management-2    Simple to understand, easy to use:

One of their primary design principles is ease-of-use. They know how ugly and difficult conventional HR management software can be, and we’ve designed sumHR to be the exact opposite. Unlike other HR products, you don’t have to go through days or weeks of training, before you can start using sumHR. You don’t need any “Technical Skills” to use it. In fact, if you use ‘Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter’, you already know how to use sumHR.


pay-as-you-grow-2   Pay as you grow, use as you need


Being firmly grounded in the ‘Startup & Small Medium Business’ mindset ourselves, we understand the value of money – paid or earned. As a budding organization looking for HR software, one of the top priorities on your mind is to find a “low-cost high-value” product.

That’s why they have kept our pricing very simple, transparent, and reasonable – per employee/month. sumHR is an affordable and user-friendly payroll software. No license fees, no setup charges, and no lock-in periods..


easy-payroll-software-2     PAYROLL IS SCARY, DANGEROUS, DIFFICULT, PAINFUL,COMPLEX, TEDIOUS, Simple, Easy & Enjoyable

The word “Payroll” is often associated with fear and difficulty. They have faced the same feeling too! But sumHR will completely change your perspective. Coupled with their friendly support team, features such as salary structure templates, pre-set statutory rules, up-to-date tax slabs, simplified workflow, integration with attendance and leaves management and much more – will make payroll management dead easy.


social-hr-software-2 Send Less Emails, Get More Productivity

Do you find yourself marking tens of emails “read” every day? This is bound to happen when you communicate over email for meetings, announcements, collaborating teams, remote work-force, and work in general. With all this clutter employee engagement goes for a toss too. One feature in sumHR solves all these problems for you, it is called Enterprise Social HR!



support-hr-software-2 You Don’t Get Support Team – You Get Friends With Expertise

Supporting you is a given, but making friends is their difference. This is an “HR” Software and we’re doing business, but what’s better than offering it with a touch of friendship. You’re not their customer, you’re their friend. And they are always there when you need them. They’ll answer questions, follow up in time, always return your calls, solve your setup problems and do just about anything you need.


safe-secure-hr-software-2   Safety  Of Your Data & Utmost Privacy

When you use sumHR, you’re putting in a lot of trust. They value that more than you can imagine. They completely understand the importance of your data and your privacy. This might be the last point on this page, but it is always on the top of our priority. To ensure that SUM HR won’t let you down, they have taken extra care while building their software architecture and hardware infrastructure.


The Team

  • Jay Thaker is Co-founder at SumHR. A thorough Internet enthusiast with a strong affinity for entrepreneurship, and passion for new-age startups & emerging companies.
  • Waqar Azmi is a CEO & Founder of SUM HR.  Cash flow management, Getting things done, PR/Networking and Setting a great office culture is what he’s best known for. Foodie by habit, funny by nature and entrepreneur by passion. He’s an inspiring leader and a good friend for all.
  • Aarti Patel is CMO at SumHR.  Her responsibilities include analyzing competition, industry and market trends with the capability to convert research findings into actionable tasks consistent with the marketing plan. Efficiently managing the marketing budget, financial reporting and campaign metrics



SUM HR has its head quaters in Mumbai