Silentt Partners

Silentt Partners is a unique and creative communication studio with years of experience working with small businesses to large-sized corporations.

The studio specializes in various elements of media development including anything and everything from Print to Web Design. They intend to work closely with you to produce an innovative and effective outcome to service your advertising, branding and publication needs.

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Through the application of knowledge, business relationships, and effective service delivery and continued success of our clients, we have proven ourselves as a premier industry provider for Visual design and communications services.

Established as a full service design studio, they can truly fill your every design/media based need. They create design campaigns with the end goal of consistency across print, web and interactive media. They provide an unparalleled focus of direction with a paradigm shifting openness of mind. When you need designs that will propel your company to the next level, you need your Silentt Partners.

Services offered by Silentt Partners

Branding management services
Silentt Partners is most synonymous with being a catalyst for our client’s identity and communications. From day one they have worked hard to be the instrument of improvement, the channel of change, and the media that moves their clients.
They conceptualize and deliver everything which requires strategic input to creative output for all kind of media within your budget.

The studio  promise to provide you with:

  • Increased market responsiveness
  • Increased customer retention
  • Improved brand management and leveragability
  • Improved communication processes and decision making
  • Improved market awareness 

The Team

Rajnish Gupta- CEO, Holds remarkable experience of over 20 years in advertising. Has been successfully managing the renowned projects at international vertical as well. His creative vision has enabled the company to garner a well knit base of clients, which holds immense satisfaction and loyalty towards us.

Vishwesh Sant– Consultant, Creative director. He brings with him 25 years of experience in graphic design. A design graduate fron NID. He is also an artist.

Papiha Saha Consultant- Web & Interactive design. Masters’ in Visual communication from College of Art, New Delhi. She carries16 years of experience in Print, Electronic and design education. She has worked with UNDP, Business Today and Magic software. She also does digital illustrations.


Silentt Partners have its offices in New Delhi, India.