Sambandh PR

Founded in the year 2001 by Mr Gurdeep Singh, Sambandh works with single minded objective of delivering value to the client. The key strength ofSambandh remains excellent relation with the people who matter in media and putting across the right strategy so as to ensure highest possible recall for the brand. The core competency of Sambandh is in getting results without making clients spend a fortune and giving sound and honest advice on the mindset of media on the possibilities of editorial coverage on the given subject.

Quality and in depth research of the concerned subject is what distinguishes Sambandh from others.

Services offered by Sambandh PR

PR & Media Management

Sambandh broadly provides all the PR and marketing solutions which help in creating better impression and brand equity for a company or an individual. Be it below the line activity or above the line activities which generate better recall and ultimately revenue,all are undertaken.
Media is the oxygen which every brand needs to survive. It can cut both ways. But here their expertise can help devise the right strategies which can ensure greater and effective media mileage.




The Clients





Sambandh PR has its head quarters in New Delhi, India.