RSsquarz is a Pune based strategic planning company which provides enterprise management solutions like project initiation, competition analysis, project development and consulting services among others to its clients across various domains. They specialise in Social Media management, Mobile App development, Data Analytics and Cloud computing services. RSsquarz has a young and dynamic team in a matrix (no hierarchy) organizational set up which believes in working as a team to bring innovative and out-of-the-box ideas to its start-up clients, enabling them to thrive in the market amongst their competitors. It has a team of around 10 employees head by Mr.Swapnil Shende, the Managing Partner. It offers domain expertise and a one stop solution for all the enterprise support requirements of an organization. It has delivered more than 15 mobile applications till date.

Services and Products Offered


Mobile App Development:

RSSquarz has expertise in developing Android, iOS, Windows and Cross-Platform applications within a short time span and an allocated budget. They also provide complete support which includes testing, maintaining and backend support to its clients along with regular upgrades and bug fixes whenever needed.

Data Analytics:

It helps in the collection, inspection and transformation of raw data into useful statistics which would benefit the organisational development. They specialise in descriptive, exploratory, confirmatory and predictive analysis of raw data to enable the clients to make educated business predictions and forecasts.

Corporate Web Designing:

They enable the clients in designing and redesigning of websites and their pages so as to keep it aligned with the business. They provide responsive web designs using third party CMS software. They also ensure that the website is SEO friendly, updated and user-friendly with zero compatibility issues.


Web Application:

RSsquarz helps in developing cloud-based web platforms to manage all the applications at one place and streamline their internal processes and functions easily. They also provide round the clock support in testing, maintaining and troubleshooting the applications.

Digital Marketing:

They have a strong hold on the identification of best search keywords and tags. They specialise in SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Link building and Backlinking strategies to help in building brand awareness and promotion of the company. They also help in SEO content development, Social Media Optimization and SEO consultation.

Internet of Things (IOT) Applications:

RSsquarz enables a data flow from sensors, biometric devices, geo-tagging devices, social interactions and sharing in forums, clicks and logs to the client’s data centre which can be used to track and understand data oriented processes for organisational growth and development. Some of the IOT products are Asset Tracking (GT One application), HR Management (RE One) and Near Field Communication Applications.

Consulting Services:

They help the clients in determining the feasibility of a project, conceptualisation, cost analysis, planning and coordinating, execution and progress analysis. They also provide backend support in maintaining, inspecting, reviewing and providing corrective measures to ensure profitability.


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It has its office in Karvenagar (Pune), Maharashtra.


RSsquarz has undertaken many projects with various companies and start-ups. Some of the major clients to whom they offer their services are:

  • Sanvad Vahini
  • TekziAsia
  • Apla Pune
  • Samarth Shakthi News App
  • Real Info Consultancy
  • Real Estate 1
  • Megharaj Spaces
  • Landson Realty
  • Atrium
  • Ashoka Training Systems
  • Truck-O-Truck
  • Expence Manager
  • Feedback System
  • Pooja Sea Foods
  • Pune Bazaar Bhav
  • Lunch Box
  • Vishwatarak Dhaam
  • Granny Ammaas


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