Rightwaay Talent Consulting LLP

Founded in the year 2012, Rightwaay is a People Potential enhancement firm which operates in four main areas Coaching, Assessments, Learning and Development, HR Consulting. The company help individuals, teams, organizations to understand their natural behavioral style, understand the different styles of people, unravel their hidden potential.

The company help SME’s set up and run HR in their organisations. Our services include Recruitment, Induction Management, Employee Data Management, Payroll and Labor Compliance, Designing Performance Management Systems, Skill Gap Analysis, Running Employee and Client Satisfaction Surveys, Employee Engagement, Benefits Management etc.

The company becomes HR department for the firm, thus eliminating the need to have a full fledged in house HR team. Rightwaay has trained hundreds of people in the areas of Soft Skills, Leadership, Sales and Customer Service. We also offer certification programs for HR and Trainers.

They are a Strategic Reseller Partner for Extended DISC Assessments and offer various behavioral profiling tools like Personal Analysis, Sales, Leadership, Work-Pair Analysis etc to aid in Talent Acquisition and Talent Management.




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Services offered by Rightwaay Talent Consulting LLP

Training & Development

Their training program includes:

  • Soft Skills
  • Personality Development
  • Behavioural Interviewing
  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Customized Training Programs
  • Accreditation Training in Extended DISC
  • Train the Trainer Programs
  • Campus to Corporate Programs

HR Outsourcing

  • Employee Paperwork: Organisations spend a lot time in preparing & maintaining employee files. Rightwaat takes care of all employee files whether it is creating a new employee file or maintaining an existing employees file with the latest confirmation, compensation, appraisal, promotion letters etc.
  • Inductions: Rightwaay helps you plan, design and execute your inductions to create a wow experience for the employee on day 1
  • Employee & Client satisfaction Surveys: The team not only help you design and execute employee and client satisfaction surveys but we also help you roll them out through our surveys platform and give you a detailed analysis report which gives you valuable information based on which you can take critical decisions.
  • Payroll & Labour Compliance: The team help SME’s manage their payroll and compliance with the help of our consulting partners.
  • Policy formation & Contracts: The team keep in touch with the latest trends in HR and help organisations design their HR policies relating to compensation, flexible work, telecommuting, recuitment contracts, NDA’s etc.
  • Human Resource Information System (HRIS): They understand the nature of your business and help you set up your human resource information systems
  • Employee Engagement & Retention: For any successful organisation people are the biggest assets and keeping them happy and motivated is our job. They do this through Fun@Work interventions, Surveys, Retreats, Reward & Recognition Programs etc.
  • Organizational Development: They consultants will help you design skill competency maps, manage changes in your organisation, design & roll out performance appraisals etc, thus freeing up your internal HR members time for other strategic activities.

The Team

Rinnku G is a Founder of Rightwaay Talent Consulting LLP.  She is an experienced Human Resources professional with 16 years of proven achievements in leading and developing overall organizational initiatives. She has worked with companies like First Ring, Inc, Progeon Ltd, Client Logic ITC Infotech India Ltd, neoIT and her last role was as the Director HR for Arctern Consulting.

She has been exposed to multiple roles like Sales, Quality Management, Operations Management, Transition and Human Resources. Her background in analyzing human capital and operational needs, along with a proven track record of monitoring and retaining key team members has led to a history of growth in a variety of settings. She has been regarded as an excellent mentor and coach and helped groom many people into leadership positions.



Rightwaay Talent Consulting LLP has its head quarters in Bengaluru.

They offer services clients in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad.