Remunance was established in the year 2014 and there has been no looking back ever since. Remunance Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a customer centric 75 member strong organization. The company provides bespoke solutions and consulting services ranging from End to End Payroll administration, Attendance & Leave management to setting up offices in India for businesses abroad. They consider ourselves as a strategic extension of our customer’s operations.


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Remunance (formerly EXL-Source) is all about teamwork and passion. They have an intense service orientation and culture in our office. High integrity is at the heart of our values and philosophy because we believe that we are mandated to live up to the trust that our clients repose in us. Their team is our core strength and we lay a special emphasis on hiring and retaining people who share the same values that we believe in.

The mission of Remunance Systems is to provide high quality, reliable, consistent service to its clients enabling them to dedicate focus and attention on their core activities and at the same time harness the benefits of availing the expertise in specific business domain.

Services offered by Remunance

Image result    Payroll Processing

The features of payroll processing services include:

  • End to End payroll administration right from employee joining to full & final settlement.
  • Pan India presence with services being provided in more than 29 locations.
  • Expertise and proven track record of working with businesses from diverse industry verticals and size.
  • India partners of three Multi-country payroll service providers.
  • Provide customizable tax tables, calculations and forms.
  • Track vacation, sick & holiday pay in addition to regular bonus and commissions.
  • Maintain Payroll history for each employee.
  • Pay by hourly, weekly & monthly schedules, as applicable & manage expert payroll.
  • Maintain a Checks issue register. Generates Cost Accounting Reports, Wage reports (monthly, quarterly & annual) and Management dashboards.
  • Issue Pay slips to each employee in PDF format.
  • Maintains all statutory records such as Tax deducted at Source, Provident Fund contributions.
  • Generates all year end and quarterly reports for electronic filing.
  • All statutory forms such as Form 16, Form 12, Form 6, and Form 24Q, Form 24 etc. required for filing quarterly and yearly returns.

Image result    The Team

  • Rajendra Vaidya is a Founder & MD of Remunan. Having over 20 years of experience in complex project management, business administration and organization development. He has developed a deep focus and substantial expertise in building, nurturing and growing service-based businesses from inception to maturity.
  • Ranjana Vaidya is a CEO of Remunance. Ranjana is a Promoter of this company.  Helping overseas companies to form their India entity and ensure its compliant with all Indian laws. Working on partnership approach with companies spread all across India for Payroll and Leave and Attendance management. Handling of Indian subsidiary accounting, handling audit, communication with overseas auditors, accountants. Effective and successful handling of Due Diligance Process for client companies. Handing of AR to ensure timely recoveries of Overseas clients having India customers .


Remunance has its head quarters in Pune. The company has its offices in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad,  and Delhi.