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Reach Out PR was established in the year 2004 and is an entity which specializes in public relations. Headquartered in Pune, with an office in Mumbai and associates across India, we offer a national reach to our clients. They make corporate presentations to the media on behalf of our Clients. The company drive successful regional and global public relations campaigns for clients around the world.

Communications leaders at todays most significant technology businesses gravitate to us for the unique quality of their people and their ability to grow business by creating meaningful interactions between a business and its constituents. Understanding the business of PR has fueled our emergence as an energetic and effective public relations consultancy.

Today, their clients rely on them and their belief in their business to uniquely position their companies and tell their stories. They are disciplined. They will help you win your mindshare battles and surpass your competitors. Their solutions are rooted in the client’s business strategy. Knowledge-driven communications being our brand core, our team and consultants combine domain knowledge with communications expertise.

Services offered by Reachout PR

PR and Branding

Reach Out is a public relations agency focused on helping our clients achieve their business goals. Their experience, approach and culture combined with the results we achieve set us apart from other agencies. Their expertise spans a wide variety of industry sectors including business technology, consulting, energy and environment, financial services, entertainment, education, consumer technology, recruitment and HR.

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They know and understand the issues and challenges companies in these sectors face. And they know how to make the media serving these space tick. Making sure your messages get to all your audiences through all appropriate channels. That means we’ll work with the media, analysts and conference other organizations on your behalf. They make sure your presence is up to date and says the right things about you.

And they will work with your direct marketing, ad agency and sales team to ensure they all work hard on your behalf. The team will research your market, plan your strategy, carry out the tactical delivery and provide measurement and monitoring to ensure you get value for money.

The Team

Zubair Poonawalla is a Founder and Consulting partner of Reachout PR.



Reachout PR has its office located in Pune.