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Protecting the idea of a company is highly essential considering you want to keep strangers from infringing the product incubated by your company. R. K. Dewan & Co. works relentlessly to create a protected environment to safeguard your ideas and services to avert any possibility of claims made by your competitors. They have experienced and highly trained employees who leave no stone unturned to monitor and create policies that will enhance the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the product and sway any legal claims on your services. R. K. Dewan & Co. was ideated by none other than Mr. Raj Kumar Dewan in 1942 and is currently headed by Mr. Mohan Dewan (Advocate/Patent and Trademark Attorney)who has massive experience under his belt through diverse sources mainly being teaching and professional tenure in the field of IPR. The company has an abundant staffing of 100 professional and highly intelligent patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, engineers, scientists and paralegals that provide all legal services pertaining to companies which include a wide spectrum of services from trademark and patent services to legal documentation services.

Services Offered:


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Ensure the following advantages while choosing R.K. Dewan:

  1. Patents
  2. K. Dewan & Co. will assist you at any stage to file patents, complete formal pre-requisites before filing patents as well as help you prosecute infringements on your IPR in collaboration with foreign associates.


  1. Trademark

Your company will be assisted while filing or prosecuting trademark and service mark applications at the ITR (Indian Trademark Registry). Any incident of litigation will be taken up with repercussions along with post registration services and renewals.


  1. Designs

Expert opinion will be shared which will help you safeguard your intrinsic IPR from any foreign and competitors. Any procedures pertaining to the post registration will also be taken up instantly.


  1. Copyright

Measures will be taken to sue any infiltrators who copy or steal your design and trademarks. Policies will be scripted to safeguard these inventions from prying eyes.


  1. Litigation
  2. K. Dewan & Co. has an experienced set of attorneys who provide some of the best litigation services in the country. They pride themselves in being one of the best anti-counterfeiting, criminal law and cyber law firm in the country.


  1. Transfer of IP Rights

Transfer of power of attorney is a crucial part of any business transaction. R. K. Dewan & Co. helps cement effective, prompt and legal IP transfer of assignments, licenses, mortgages and franchises.


  1. Legal Translation

Never lose any insightful or strong legal phrases while translating text from foreign languages to English. R. K. Dewan & Co. has a experienced set of linguists who can translate almost any language.


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