Founded in the year 2015, PulseHRM is a cloud-based HRMS and payroll solution developed on Oracle tech stack. It lets you start with the modules you need and add more as you grow. PulseHRM helps manage employee information, leave, time & attendance, loan & reimbursement, payroll & statutory compliance, training, appraisal, project tracking, HR helpdesk, self-service etc.

Their professional experience includes entrepreneurship, consulting, product development and customer services. With a vibrant team that has over 100+ man-years of product development experience, they combine this vast knowledge with fresh talent from top engineering and business schools to constantly challenge ourselves.

They are here to re-invent the enterprise-wide solutions for SMBs and help you focus on your most important asset – your employees. Their aim is to bring you the best solutions on technology platforms that Fortune 100 companies use, at a fraction of the usual cost and in turn help your business grow exponentially.

HRMS Software Features

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Services offered by PulseHRMS

HRMS – PulseHRM Lite

  • Automate the routine administrative functions like – employee information, leave, time & attendance, loan & reimbursement management to payroll and related statutory compliance etc.
  • Simplify employee data maintenance
  • Manpower budgeting and control
  • Support strategic functions like improved productivity, performance, engagement through – manpower & budgeting control, training & skill development, performance management, project & task tracking, HR helpdesk, employee/manager self-service etc.


Pulse HRMS has its head quarters in Hyderabad, India