Prudentia Advisory LLP

Prudentia Advisory LLP is a full law firm operating on the PAN India basis and offers services relating to corporate and transactional law, real estate law, employment and immigration law, taxation, environmental law, family law, litigation and dispute resolution. The firm also offers Company Secretarial and accounting services through their affiliates. The firm’s mission is to offer affordable legal services to startups.

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All of the attorneys have actually been involved as principal individuals in one or more startups.

The firm specializes in:

  • Litigation
  • Employment and immigration law
  • Family law
  • Alternate dispute resolution
  • Corporate and transactional law
  • Company secretarial services

Services offered by Prudentia Advisory LLP


Image result   Litigation services

The firm provide representation in various courts and tribunals including:

  • Supreme Court of India
  • High Courts of Bombay, Delhi, Madras, Calcutta, Gujarat, Karnataka and Kerala (Original and Appellate Side)
  • Competition Commission of India
  • Company Law Boards
  • Income Tax Appellate Tribunals
  • Debt Recovery Tribunals
  • Labour and Industrial Tribunals
  • Small Causes Courts
  • Family Courts
  • Co-operative Courts
  • Consumer Fora (District, State and National)


Image result    Legal Documentation services

Having your legal documents or contract reviewed by an attorney before you sign ensures your interests are protected. Any new legal document with the potential to have a substantial impact on your finances, time or responsibilities should be reviewed. Document review is also recommended any time you make changes to a legal document or your situation changes.

Prudentia Advisory LLP offers legal documentation services available for an affordable price that includes document review or contract review by an attorney who understands the language used in legal documents. Make sure your interests are protected by having your legal documents or contract reviewed by an attorney through the firm.

Image result   Company Incorporation services

Setting up a company is not easy. There are complex issues to resolve and it is important that a company is set up properly. This is particularly the case if there are two or more people involved. Many people make the mistake of using a standard service that does not deal with important issues and later have legal difficulties or expensive changes to make.

Prudentia Advisory have been registering companies since 1978 and provide a highly professional service for all types of company formations. They provide a friendly, personal service, including all the company formation advice you may need. They can advise you about yourcompany’s name, the company’s articles of association, directors, share capital, etc.

Their service allows you to tailor the company’s articles or download your own articles, if you wish. They will register your new company electronically, and provide an after-care service once your business is up and running. In other words they provide a complete and professional company formation package.

The Team

  • Karan Vaswani is a Partner at Prudentia Advisory LLP.
  • Pooja Kanal is a Managing Partner at Prudentia Advisory LLP. She is a goal oriented, interested in working in dynamic environments, fast learner, perfectionist, avid reader. Her key accountabilities include: Mergers & Acquisitions, Company Laws, Securities Law, Foreign Exchange Regulations, Banking Laws, Tax Planning, Contracts, Employment Laws, Private Equity and Venture Capital Transactions, Litigation, Arbitration, Real Estate


Prudentia Advisory LLP has its offices in Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, and New Delhi.