Established in 1998, PACT SOFTWARE SERVICES (P) LTD is an international software development company headquartered in India with its branches across Middle East. They specialize in accounting, ERP, and CRM software solutions.

PACT constantly delivers innovative, flexible and secure software solutions while maximizing value at every step in their customers and partner relationships. They are extremely proud of their dedication to customer service, and they prize the long term relationships that they develop with their clients.

Their modular business management solution for small and mid-size businesses is a fully integrated solution that allows automation of all business operations including accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, order management, inventory management, point of sale, asset management, payroll, etc

The corporate goal is to ensure that PACT business management software solution remains the most technologically advanced, easy-to-use, feature-rich accounting and business management software available. Their mission is to provide value to their customers to meet and exceed their goals. Their growth rate, along with the exceedingly satisfactory rate of customer retention is a testament of their continuous success in achieving their mission.

Services offered by Pact Software

PACT RevenU- Accounting Software Services

PACT Financial Accounting application, organizations will be able to acquire vision into all their financial processes including budgeting, final reports, accounts payables/receivables and fixed assets. Comprehensive reporting tools enables users to produce accurate real-time reports that instill confidence. Better decisions will be taken as financial performance and other key indicators are always available with a click of a button. It directly results in reduced costs, boost in profitability and meeting financial objectives.



Organizations can define their own accounting policies in the application that are applied consistently across the enterprise with configurable rules engines and approval processes. Financial Management application directly integrates with all other PACT solutions thus forming a centralized foundation for a shared services architecture. PACT Budget Module is comprehensive and highly flexible as it allows you to manage your entire budgeting process as well as all of its related requirements. Its flexibility allows you to integrate and track essential information from the point of creating itemized budget through the ultimate replenishment. It simplifies administration, provides internal controls, and defines the entire budgeting process. The result enables organizations to manage budgets effectively and efficiently.

Clients of Pact Software



Pact Software has its head quarters in Hyderabad, India. The other offices are located in UAE, & Saudi Arabia.