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Call automation is an essential IVR service when servicing numerous calls becomes monotonous and cumbersome. IVR services is a necessity to companies to enable them to process gigantic volumes of calls as well as use analytics to gain insights to refine the product and increase the customer service. My Operator provides simpler and efficient telephony solutions to various small and medium size businesses.

The robust and experienced team consists of more than 100 members who have diverse core competencies and function as a single unit to boost the calling services of a business.


Let’s take a look at the co-founders of the venture-My Operator.

  1. Ankit Jain (CEO and Co-Founder)

Ankit is a visionary and an alumnus from BIT Mesra. He ideated My Operator since he strongly believed that any business could have a wider outreach through callings.


  1. Pratik Jain (COO and Co-Founder)

He is CA by profession and he heads the operations of My Operator. He is strongly influential in financial and operational management of the company.


Services Offered:

Some of the benefits of IVR are:

  1. Toll Free numbers


My Operator will provide your company a toll free number which gives the customer an incentive to call you. They also offer 24*7 IVR services which allows you to stay connected with your customers. Toll free numbers is one of the most productive ways of allowing the consumer to contact you during emergencies. Instant interaction allows you to fix problems right away and build trust which has a direct relation with positive sales.

  1. Virtual Number

My Operator has expertise in setting up virtual numbers to assist companies in processing a rather hefty volume of calls. Analytics is another key factor which can be juiced out from the raw data consolidated from all the call streamlined. The virtual number also allows you to disseminate calls through a single number to different entities within the customer service division that deal with different queries.

  1. Mobile Call Tracking App

My Operator will install a tracking software solution that allows you to keep tabs on your team’s performance as well as stay tuned to various incoming calls. Never miss out on important calls through the whole lot of spam or irrelevant calls. The tracking app also allows you to build a stronger rapport with the clients and gain trust in them.

  1. Automate Call System

If you are a regular outgoing caller, make it a point to install the Cloud Automated Confirmation System (CODAC) to save costs that could mount up to 80%.


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Contact Details:

MyOperator has its offices in New-Delhi & Bengaluru.


  • Snapdeal

  • Canon

  • Make My Trip

  • AAP

  • Lenskart

  • DHL

  • FabIndia

  • Cash Karo

  • Havas Media

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