MetroGuild was started in late 2006 by three high-tech executives who decided that there are plenty of companies that continue to develop new and ever more esoteric technologies; that they themselves are guilty of starting several of these; and that they are no longer challenged by the prospect of starting yet another one, nor would they enjoy it.

MetroGuild is an innovative early stage start-up solving the real everyday problems of enterprise sales teams. MetroGuild products and technology satisfy the needs of a multi-media, data driven sales organizations and accelerate increases in productivity and efficacy where legacy enterprise systems cannot.

With MetroGuild technology implemented in the intuitive MetroLeads product, Sales and Marketing organizations can easily and automatically gather, organize, correlate, and take action on a wide variety of incoming data driving operational efficiency and closing opportunities. MetroLeads makes complex data organization simple. MetroLeads dramatically reduces the drudgery of manual and duplicate entry with multi-media data acquisition and correlation including telephony and email integration. MetroLeads provides a single concise workspace with easy access to all the information necessary to get the job done.

Services offered by Metroguild

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  • MetroLeads sources, tracks and manages your leads.
  • With a razor sharp focus on ease of use, leads are automatically captured and tracked whether via phone, website, Internet, Search Engines or Social Media.
  • Take control, manage, capture all communications and follow every lead from their first response to your advertising all the way to the store/business vist of your potential customers using our patent pending system.
  • MetroLeads proactively analyzes your lead data to detect trends and provides real business tips and metrics.


The Team

Arif Amirani is a Chief Technology Officer at Metroguild.

Cyrus Irani is CEO at Metroguild.

Ashwin Jain is Director at Metroguild.

Rini Talukdar is a Regional Sales at Metroguild. She is a top sales professional with proven track record in selling deals to large as well as SMB sectors. Experience in business evaluations, gathering and analyzing corporate and market information looking for line of business needed.


Metroguild is located in Pune, India