Lendingkart is an online financing company dedicated to help entrepreneurs and small businesses with Working Capital Loans.

Lendingkart Technologies Private Limited is a fin-tech startup in the working capital space. The Company has developed technology tools based on big data analysis which facilitates lenders to evaluate borrower’s credit worthiness and provides other related services.

They use Analytics and Big data scoring to evaluate our customer’s business. They are small and motivated team of bankers, data scientists and techies trying to make a difference in the world of small business financing.

Why choose LendingKart?

  1. Their application process is 100% online – it takes just 15 minutes.
  2.  It requires minimum documentation (for e-commerce vendors we only take bank statements and VAT returns).
  3.  No Collateral or Net worth details required.
  4.  They disburse the loan money in just 3 days.


Services offered by LendingKart

Debt Funding services

If you already have a business and require short term working capital loans to achieve growth, Lendingkart Group NBFC facilitates financial aid on a collateral-free basis after your online application is reviewed and accepted.

Their specialties are: lending, financing, small business loans,  instant working capital


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Image result    The Team

The top management consists of Harshvardhan Lunia and Mukul Sachan.

Harshvardhan Lunia is a CEO and Co-founder of LendingKart. Harshvardhan drives the primary aspect of business – designing innovative credit solutions and delivering them in the most simple and efficient manner to SMB’s. He is a Chartered Accountant and pursued his Post Graduation from ISB (Indian School of Business, Hyderabad). In his free time, he loves walking and exploring the world with his wife.

Mukul Sachan is a Co-founder and COO of LendingKart. Mukul brings to the table his expertise of detailed data analysis, be it complex financial statements or ‘seemingly simple’ bank statements. Mukul has an uncanny ability to identify patterns in unstructured data, identify relationships between two unrelated items – both at intuitive and technical level, which are of immense use in designing the Credit Scoring Model at Lendingkart.


LendingKart currently has its offices in Ahmedabad and Bangalore. However, it offers its services across the nation.