Leadge Business Services Pvt. Ltd.

Funding is a critical factor for any business to bloom. At every stage of development, there should be an inflow of finances to regulate various functions and aid in expansion. Leadge was an initiative to help small and big businesses flourish by streamlining finances. It ensures financial management at every stage of development in a business by providing offbeat and practical solutions to businesses after analysing the principal and imminent problems faced by them.

The team includes highly specialized and experienced employees who are merit listed chartered accountants and have work experience at all stages of development in MNC’s. These gifted and adept professionals have exquisite problem-solving skills and can enlighten companies on their strategic, management, and operational ventures.

Services offered by Leadge Business Services:


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1.    Outsourced/Virtual CFO Services

Cash flow is the primary fuel on which a corporation works. Regulation and providing strategic solutions for increasing the cash flow is one of the main objectives of Leadge. You can also consult them for strategic, financial and operational problems at an extremely competitive price.

2.    Start Up Services

Startups need to concentrate on their core services and leave the background functions to professionals. Leadge can take over these secondary functions that are not directly related to your primary services. Some of these secondary services include:

  • Finance: Debt Funding, Internal controls, Equity Funding, Taxation and Compliance,
  • HR: Sourcing hi-potential talent.
  • Legal: Aligning all the processes in a legal
  • Technology: Setting up all hardware requirements.

3.    Strategy Services

This is an additional service which enables businesses to speed up their expansion and predict future problems as well as devise strategic solutions around them. Performance reviews, risk management, and taxation strategies are some highlights which increase the ROI and reduces losses. Business plan writing skills are also included as a part of its strategic services.

4.    Consulting

Business expansion invites bigger obstacles which include mergers, acquisitions, rapid employee recruits and implementations. Leadge has a team of highly experienced individuals whom you can consult on various development stages of your growth.

5.    Analytics

Implementing new changes in a business model requires a compulsive and strategic impulse. The strategic significance can be gained only by processing the past and current history, which is why Leadge is important. It has exceptional analytical and CRM tools to process these numbers and point you in the right direction.


Its office is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.