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Leadsquared has been established in the year 2012 and it works with many B2B and B2C establishments and develops their marketing and lead generation engines. Leadsquared helps the clients in generating a huge number of leads for their business through multiple marketing campaigns. This company developed powerful, easy to use software for its clients whose main features include lead capture automation, lead nurturing, sales acceleration/drive sales and analytics.

With the help of this lead capture software, you will be able to make leads more seamless to achieve the sales target. At present, Leadsquared drives marketing and sales results for many users on a daily basis.

Services Offered

1.    Land and Nurture leads

With its lead capture software, you will be able to increase your website traffic to lead conversion through responsive landing pages. It also provides Website Widgets, which helps in generating more and more leads from your existing web portal traffic. This software also includes Seamless Lead Capture feature, if you are looking for capturing more leads through all your existing sources such as online campaigns/chat/phone calls/emails/web portals, this tool can help you in this regard.

2.    Marketing Automation

Marketing automation includes Drip Marketing and Trigger-based emails that help you to get engage and make dealings seamlessly throughout the day. This tool also provides Segmentation feature which divides your existing contact list into separate parts to nurture your leads which are entirely based on the different variables like lead scores, behaviour, and geography, etc.

3.    Sales Acceleration

Through this software’s automated Lead Scoring feature, you can convert all your potential prospects with automated lead scoring to increase your leads. This Sales Acceleration tool includes behavioural insights feature which provides all the activity history and behavioural insights for every single lead which enables you to complete your deals faster. It also provides the Sales Funnel tool that helps you to identify all the leads across multiple stages in the sales process and control them at each stage.

4.    Marketing and Sales Analytics

It provides Marketing Insights tool to generate more and more leads for your business. This software also comes with special features like Sales Insights which helps you to get the clarity on different revenue-driving factors such as lead sources, product, sales people, etc.


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Leadsquared has its’ offices in Bengaluru and Mumbai (Asia Pacific) and North America.


Leadsquared has worked with many organisations and companies across different countries, some of which include:

  • Flipkart
  • Tiger Analytics
  • Vconnect
  • Da Vinci
  • CET King
  • Career Launcher
  • Air Logic
  • MultiBR

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