Law Leo

LawLeo is an online portal that helps individuals get legal help for their problems quickly and efficiently. The legal solutions offered are practical in nature and can be related to business, property disputes, or personal laws. Customers can find the services offered at comparatively lower costs from their counterparts. It has also inculcated a fixed billing rate rather than on an hourly basis to reduce the expenditure of the process for the clients.

The team supporting this venture is a group of highly trained and experienced Chartered Accountants (CA) and Company Secretaries(CS) who have vast experience in all forms of legal endeavours. There are 4 co-founders who initiated this company, and these founding members have a cumulative of 45+ man years of experience in practising and dictating legal procedures to their clients. The co-founders of this venture are:

  • Manish Acharya (B.Com, LL.B, ACS, MBA (ISB))
  • Arpita Tanna (B.Com, LL.B, ACS)
  • Najma Shaikh (B.Com, LL.B)
  • Pradeep Dubbula (B.Sc. (UK), M.Sc. (UK), LL.B)

These founding members have created a unique platform for providing solutions to legal matters. Phone calls are highly instrumental in the process for solving the legal concerns of their clients.

Services Offered:


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At LawLeo, legal solutions are offered that range for various problems through phone or mail correspondence. Here are the services offered by LawLeo:

1.    Business Law

  • Legalities involved in starting your own business
  • Drafting agreements and contracts
  • Legal policies for health management
  • Designing corporate policies
  • Legal Documentation Services
  • Company Incorporation Services

2.    Property Law

  • Monitoring the documentation during a sale
  • Legalities involving stamp duty and registration
  • Leave and License Registration
  • Help for settling housing society disputes
  • Avoiding legal risks before purchasing property

3.    Personal Law

  • Handling the legalities of the divorce intricacies
  • Drafting a will and registering it
  • Filing a litigation
  • Shifting the power of attorney

Each aspect of the law diversification has a unique set of counsellors to guide you through the problems. These counsellors and CAs have ample knowledge in their core fields and can navigate you through your problems smoothly.

Location of Offices:

The office of LawLeo is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Some of the important clients handled by LawLeo are:

  1. Allied Media Projects India LLP
  2. Blubox
  3. Mehta Surgical
  4. Naseem Enterprises Private Limited