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Founded in the year 2013, DeetyaSoft is an IT solution provider for varied services in Interactive Voice response services, application development, web development, SEO services, mobile application development, campaigning solutions & SU solutions.


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The motive of our company is to build quality products employed with the latest technology for ultimate customer satisfaction. DeetyaSoft is rising gradually with leaps and turns to new heights in the field of Web Development and end to end solutions. The innovators of our company are committed to dedicated research for bringing solutions that justifies the new era of technology.


Services offered by IVR Guru

Bulk Email

  • Bulk emailing is another form of effective campaigning services. Utilization of our own effective email server helps us to manage proper white listing delivery of emails to a large number of users. This provides online campaigning of emails.
  • Bulk emailing developed to be an important component of modern bulk email marketing strategies. Direct mail marketers and list managers need fast, reliable and powerful mass mailing marketing solution.
  • Deetyasoft delivers to you perfect bulk mailing service for permission based bulk email marketing campaigns. Bulk email service is a set of professional email marketing service email service is a set of email service for bulk email advertising and emailing lists building from anywhere on the internet.

Deetyasoft is the right solution when it comes to bulk email marketing. Ours is a user friendly Bulk Email Marketing Software integrated with our own dedicated servers to provide you the finest bulk email marketing solution.


Bulk SMS

Deetya Soft (IVR Guru)  provide best transactional and promotional Bulk SMS Packages at affordable costs. Campaigning is a major strategy for promoting various business models across 360 degree dimensions. Bulk SMS is an effective campaigning solution which is responsible for sending bulks of lakhs of SMS’s to many customers. SMS Marketing is a prospect we always were excited to explore.

Bulk SMS Campaigning Noida

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They have effectively planned and delivered many bulk SMS service campaigns for their customers and are really eager to share it with all those who are looking for an effective medium to reach out to clients within seconds at prices that meet the budget.

Bulk SMS has proved to be a new way of communication between sender and receiver. The sender can send his message at a time to multiple users. Deetya soft provides you the liberty of sending SMS from anywhere, any time.

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  • Interactive voice response is an automated system that allows you to manage and follow up your calls 24×7.
  • Every lead is important for your organization and IVR helps you to manage and organize it with efficient follow ups.
  • IVR can be used to get the response for a certain incidence as it is happening, or right after it occurred or used as pre-communication for a direct marketing campaign to increase engagement.
  • IVR can reduce the cost to your business by automating outbound telesales calls and only connecting to a salesperson when a customer picks up, thereby reducing waiting time for salespeople on calls and becoming a virtual switchboard where menus can guide customers to relevant products or information that they want, thereby saving call center staff time.

Interactive Voice Response


The Team

Parshan Vashisht is a CEO & Founder at DeetyaSoft (IVR Guru) . He had this dream that was visioned and cultivated to provide exceptional quality solutions to the customers in development and end to end solutions.

Started way back in 2012, an initiative to build an organization that builds and develop quality products for people from different industries. Exploiting and utilizing latest technological resources to build the finest results is the vision of their company.


The company has its head quarters at NCR, India