Husys Consulting Ltd.

Husys is a HR Function Management Company that provides services such as HR Outsourcing Services, Payroll Outsourcing, Training & Development, etc. Established almost two decades ago, this company has presently gained excellent reputations owing to its end-to-end HR development services. It has provided and simplified the process of Human Resource by utilising cutting -edge technology and constant innovation. The company concentrates on providing solutions which are customised, cost-effective and technologically unimpaired. The goal of the company is to become a catalyst in sustainable talent development and to provide simple and effective solutions to their clients for better growth.

Husys comprises of a very young and dynamic team of HR consulting professionals who make sure that they fulfil the needs of their clients with absolute precision. This organisation has a massive global international exposure, and they want to emerge as the most renowned HR solution provider in the world.

Services Offered

1.    HR Consulting

Bringing together a perfect team is a vital factor for any organisation to run smoothly and Husys makes sure that its clients get the best services in this regard. It provides assistance with the recruitment and staffing, legal issues regarding labour laws, workforce training, employee motivation, etc.

It also provides outplacement services, business incubation and training and development services.


2.    HR Operation

HR Function Management (HRFM) is a key to success for many Start-ups and SMEs for the last few years. Husys is one of the leading organisations that excels in this service to create history in HR process and to innovate some path-breaking strategies. Under this service, it develops the HR process to provide a sustainable business, it designs a full plan for a year basis and then dived into monthly targets, it reviews progress and takes necessary actions, and it also helps in creating employee policies.


3.    HR Technology

Under HR Technology, it provides two main services, namely, HR information system and Employee engagement survey. Husys makes available “ApHusys” which is an HRIS Software Application to help its clients enjoy a user-friendly environment in HR information system.  This software reduces the cost of human resource management and takes care of all the complex analytical data.

Employee engagement is also another crucial aspect of maintaining a good working environment and to maintain a happy workforce. Husys’s employee engagement survey improves the employee’s contribution and participation and helps to achieve a high-performance team.



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Husys has its offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai.


Husys has worked with a number of well-renowned and even international clients, such as:

  • ACE
  • WorldwideWorkplace
  • Chromalox
  • Aditya Music


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