HRMantra is one of the most powerful HR & Payroll Software enterprises in the world. It is specialised in HRMS on Cloud, Payroll on Cloud, Performance Management, and many other services. HRMantra claims that none of the HR software in the world can show 20 superior features than HR Mantra. Since its establishment in the year 2000, HR Mantra has invested 750 years to produce and develop world’s best HR processing by using HRM software which gives 10 times more ROI. Its On-Premise and Cloud models help users to get better flexibility and availability.

With the vision to make HRMantra 1 out of 10 user’s first choice, it is rapidly improving and innovation to deliver excellence.

Services Offered

HRMantra’s Human Capital Management software is packed with useful features and services, and it claims to have more than 160 services which make it one of the best in the world.

Human Resource Management

You can take the advantages of many features of this software for your human resource management and few of them are:

  • You can create unlimited hierarchies with all the official details.
  • Seamless employee reporting charts.
  • Employee data management with around 450 attributes.
  • You can maintain a smooth exit and clearance process of employees.

Payroll Management

For any organisation, Payroll management is a critical factor, and HRMantra provides some best solution to deal with this.

  • Creation of statement and payslips with numerous formats.
  • Processing of salary, FFS and increment in seconds.
  • Loan-EMI calculation can be done easily using this software.

Performance Management System

PR is needed to improve the skill of any employee and the productivity of any organisation, and this Performance Management System helps you to do it with ease.

  • Multiple reviews structure for every employee.
  • Easily design appraisal form and performance improvement form.
  • Directly assign any employee to performance improvement training and workshops.

HRMantra Mobile App

  • Helps to improve the communication between employees, groups and departments of any organisation.
  • HRD can carry out surveys on employee satisfaction, workplace environment, etc.
  • All the employees can be tracked using GPS on real time basis during the work hours.

It also provides other services like recruitment management, leave management, travel claim, helpdesk management, etc.

SME Joinup HR Mantra

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HRMantra has its office in Mumbai, Maharashtra.


HRMantra has worked with many clients from all over the world and few of the notable clients are:

  • LIC Housing Finance
  • Datacare Corporation
  • Hamilton Housewares Private Limited
  • Parason Machinery
  • Choice International Limited
  • GEPL Capital Pvt. Ltd.
  • Piramal Healthcare Mumbai