HR Kapital

HR Kapital is a young and enthusiast organisation which is specialised in Recruitment Services and HR Outsourcing Services. It provides end-to-end HR solution and consultancy services for companies ranging from start-ups to big organisations across different industries. It has a client-oriented approach and a cost effective method to help its customers to get a perfect HR strategic solution for high performance and growth of their business.


Its team is full of young and passionate entrepreneurs and HR professionals to provide the most specialised solutions to the clients. It is based in India, and aims to give an optimum result for the worth of human capital you have for your business.

Services offered by HR Kapital

Recruitment services

HR Kapital has a professional set up to provide many services related to HR and Payroll outsourcing and management. Some of its highly efficient services are as follows:


HR & Payroll Outsourcing


HR Kapital’s aim is to make the HR process smooth and to create a bridge between the employees and the organisation. The facilities it provides under this segment are:


  • Data Management of the Employees.
  • Recruitment Services for your Organisation.
  • Employee Induction and Training Services.
  • Attendance and Leave
  • Employee Exit Management and Settlement .


Strategic HRM Assistance


It provides HRM Assistance services which help in managing the employee structure of an enterprise. Below are the ways in which it helps its customers with HRM:

  • HR audits and employee performance management
  • Design of the structure for the compensation of the employees
  • HR policy design and process setup


Soft Skill Training


HR Kapital is specialised in employee training and development which helps any organisation to set a bigger goal and achieve it. The trainings it provides are:


  • Stress management
  • Skill enhancing workshops
  • Team building and communication skill enhancement
  • Presentation and body language skills
  • Interview and decision-making skills


Recruitment & Selection


Building the right team is the most important part of any business. A good team can take the entire organisation to the right path and investment on building a perfect team is worth it. HR Kapital takes this responsibility and provides some best services to improve the workforce of your organisation.


  • Screening and shortlisting of the candidates
  • Interview scheduling
  • Salary negotiation after the selection
  • Placing the offer
  • Proper joining instructions and inductions


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HR Kapital has its office in Pune, Maharashtra.