HR Footprints

Established on August 1, 2006, HR Footprints have gained an immense reputation in HR Outsourcing Services. Keeping its main motto “Simplifying Excellence”, this organisation kept on working towards the simplification of Human Resource solutions. It has integrated IT and its understanding of HR for better solutions. It is keen on studying and understanding every individual case to provide the best solution possible. It integrates its innovation and expertise under one roof, and as a result, provides a simple and efficient solution to take your business forward.


Founded by Dr G. Rajkumar, the company has created a team of HR professionals and other enthusiasts from diverse fields.

Services Offered


HR Outsourcing is a one-stop solution for all your HR and OD requirements and the services that help you achieve your goals are:


HR Services


HR Footprints executes the perfect HR strategy for your business with the decades of expertise, with help of its HR Studio. The work process which it follows is:

  • It understands your business needs.
  • It executes a plan and comes up with a business strategy.
  • It signs an agreement and provide you with all the deliverables and keeps updating you on the same, periodically.
  • Submits the final draft and follows up with your team for modification via Skype or call.
  • Additionally, it provides services like Audits, Surveys, HR Analytics, etc.


Recruitment Services


Hiring the right talent and building a perfect team is the first step for any business to achieve their goals and HR Footprints does that with precision. From screening the profiles of probable candidates to the interviewing and hiring, HR Footprints takes all the load on its shoulder. Talenmandi is the branch of HR Footprints that takes care of all the client’s needs to hire the best heads for their company.


Learning Solutions


Learning services are designed to enhance the skills and efficiency of any organisation across different industries. The learning initiatives of HR Footprints are entirely research-based, and it studies individual cases to discover the full potential and improve the skill level.



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HR Footprints has its office in Vidyanagar, Hyderabad.


HR Footprints has worked with many diverse organisations and has earned a lot of positive testimonials due to its professional and consistent performance. Few of the industries with which its has worked are:

  • Telecom Industry
  • Pharma Company
  • IT MNC
  • Fabric Company