Greytip Software

Greytip Software is an organisation that helps to simplify the HR and Payroll solution of any organisation which has 5+ employees. Payroll on Cloud and HRMS are the main services this company provides to enable the HR department to use and experience IT for better, smoother, and more efficient results. At Greytip, they also leverage automation to help SMEs in managing compliances, improving productivity, and cutting down operational costs. This greytHR software is a fully integrated cloud-based HR and Payroll software which is seamless, accurate, and profitable.


Girish Rowjee and Sayeed Anjum are the heads behind this innovative idea, and they have started their journey with Greytip in the year 1993. They have a dedicated team of 158 members. They upgrade and innovate constantly to provide a cutting-edge solution for any business. They have a very timely and prompt support system that delivers excellent product support and enhances the product usability.

Services Offered

Core HR Services

Core HR services allow the HRs and finance team to work together seamlessly. This is an easy-to-use software which takes away all the paperwork confusions and inconsistencies. It helps to keep the record of employee’s data, promotion, transactions, transfers, incident report, etc.  Once you make a change in a specified location, the software automatically reflects the changes in every area needed.

Payroll Software Services

With greytHR payroll software, it becomes easy to get salaries out in just minutes instead of days of paperwork and calculation and manual transfers. This software is seamlessly accurate, and you can rely on this without any hesitation. Export and import capability helps in lesser data entry and less tiresome work for the payroll processing. This software comes with the following features:

  • Coverage of payroll management and the statutory compliances.
  • Error-free payroll processing to the employees.
  • Easy to print the payslips and statements.
  • Audit and review capability before the release of the payroll.


Employee Self-Service

In this modern time, contacting HRs for every small concern has gone. Using the Employee Self-Service, staff and managers can apply for leaves, expense claim, report generation, queries, etc. The users of the software can easily access the employee directory, info, and workflow.



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Greytip Software has its’ office in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Pune, and Dubai.


Greytip Software has worked with many organisations and companies and offered its services. Some of its major clients are:

  • Livevox
  • Servicemax
  • Satmetrix
  • Freshdesk
  • Quikjet
  • PayAsia
  • Greenpeace
  • Scania

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