Dart Info Services Pvt. Ltd.

Dart Consulting is a Bangalore based Research and Consulting company offering Analytics, Consulting, Business Research, and Digital Marketing services to its clients across the globe. Since its inception in 2008, it has been providing top-class business solutions to its customers, with a 90% completion rate. Dart Consulting has a young and talented team with varied expertise, led by Mr Chetan Prabhakar, Co-Founder of Dart Consulting.

Dart Consulting has three different delivery models to cater to its clients’s requirements. The Project-to-Project module is one wherein the pricing is based on the project complexity and billed fortnightly or on completion of the project. The second model involves placing a dedicated full-time employee working on the client site for 160 hrs/month. In the last model, the customer has the option of having shared services outsourced to Dart Consulting.

Services Offered

Data Analysis:

It enables their clients in data compilation and analysis which can enable them in making sound business decisions. It offers Web Analytics solution to measure the effectiveness and popularity of a website, and Financial Analysis to understand the financial positioning of the company.

Business Research:

Dart Consulting enables the clients in performing Competitive Analysis to understand their market positioning and SWOT. It helps in conducting surveys and market research to measure the effectiveness of a product, customer satisfaction, branding strategy and awareness. Business Research also enables the clients in understanding the current market trends, technological advancements and opportunity for new products/service.

Business Consulting:

It enables an end-to-end consulting service to the client, right from designing a business plan to profiling the business, strategising the digital marketing process, and a complete market analysis. Dart Consulting also helps in compilation and conversion of data into project reports. It provides complete support for start-up ventures, especially in the e-commerce domain. Its Business Plan writing services are rather elaborate and research oriented.

Digital Marketing:

Dart Consulting provides advisory services to its clients in the area of Digital Marketing. It performs competitive analysis to understand the current market trends and plans the business strategies in accordance with it. Its Digital Marketing services comprise of SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC, and Facebook and Linkedin Paid Searches, among many others. It is also involved in email marketing, content writing and development, blog reviews, and social media reviews.

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Dart Consulting has its office in Bangalore, Karnataka. It also has its presence in the US.


  • Dart Consulting is associated with many renowned brands in various industrial segments like:
  • Real Estate
  • FMCG
  • E-Commerce
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Beverage
  • Nanotechnology

Most of its clients are from USA, Europe, and Australia.