Cloud 9 India

Cloud9India Human Capital Solutions is an organisation providing solutions like Permanent Hiring and Search Services for Junior, and Mid & Senior Levels Talent Technologies. Since its inception in 2004, it has been facilitating its clients in building a strong talent pool through focused and expert level talent acquisition, management and training/development practices. It helps in reducing hiring costs and controls attrition by providing better engagement and fitment to the employees. It has a team of around 10 employees led by Ruchi Saral, co-founder and consultant of Cloud9India.



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Services Offered


It works with organisations of all sizes and levels to provide value-driven talent acquisition solutions. It acts as a bridge between the employers and human talent to facilitate perfect job fitment which would lead to a low attrition rate.

HRM Consulting and Outsourcing:

It offers consulting services to its clients in HR management and Attrition management. Cloud9India acts as an advisory in workforce planning and organisational structuring. It also helps in recruitment, onboarding, documentation, attendance, leave management, payroll, statutory compliance, compensation design, and many other related services. It enables in cutting costs and minimising the workload on the HR operations team.  The entire process is made seamless and efficient with real-time solutions for HR challenges. This is extremely beneficial for start-ups and SMEs which can’t afford to hire an entire HR team to manage the HR processes.

Talent Development and Training:

Cloud9India provides learning and development solutions to its clients through its various training and development programs like:

  • Face-to-Face Training: In this, a trainer is allocated to provide the required training session for a fixed number of employees. This includes English language and communication training, Soft Skills Development, and Train the Trainer
  • Online English Communication: Here, the communication course is provided to employees online. This program is usually taken by all the employees and doesn’t have a number limitation. The entire process of learning and assessment happens online.
  • Self Learning English Program with an International E-Learning Course & Online Academic Support: These courses are also online but are not mandatory and time-bound courses. They are usually taken up by the employees at their own time.
  • Customised E-learning Course Development on IT Applications and Business Processes: These courses are developmental courses which are initiated as and when there is a new project which requires the need for a new software or application.
  • Product & Process Training Videos & Films


Cloud9India Human Capital Solutions has its office in Saket, New Delhi.