Chherawala & Associates

Chherawala & Nalwala is a corporate law firm which provides Legal Documentation Services and other techno-legal services to its clients across India. Established in 2005, Chherawala & Nalwala has a dynamic team of around 14 qualified and tech-savvy lawyers and more than 50 associates and consultants led by Mr. Murtaza Chherawala, the Founder Partner and Mr. Hussain Nalwala, Partner of Chherawala and Nalwala. The consultant and associates comprise of expert Chartered Accountants, Property Consultants, Business Consultants, Company Secretaries and Law Specialists working out of different locations. It has its office in Camp, Pune (Maharashtra).

Chherawala & Nalwala believes in taking initiative in learning about its clients and their businesses to enable a better understanding of their requirements. It adheres to its ethical standards when associating itself with the legal and judiciary community. It believes in working towards improving the legal system and becoming a distinguished name in the legal community.

Services Offered

Corporate Laws:

Chherawala & Nalwala enables its clients to establish their companies. It helps in the formation of legal entities such as Public and Private Companies, Partnership firms, Limited Liability Partnerships, Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Co-Operative Societies and Trusts. It provides help in corporate laws and in establishing and implementing employment policies in a company. Chherawala & Nalwala also enables the structuring, formation and negotiation of contracts, agreements pertaining to Franchisees, Supply of Goods, Share Purchase and transfer, etc.

Property Laws:

It helps their clients in the negotiation, structuring and facilitation of property related deals. These Legal Documentation Services comprise of purchase, sales, and lease of properties, study and verification of title, physical verification of the property and conducting and submission of reports of property search.  Chherawala & Nalwala helps its clients in closing sale agreements, lease agreements, contractor agreements and many other related agreements and contracts pertaining to factory building and construction.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation:

It helps in proceedings and cases conducted at High Courts of Mumbai, Chennai & Bangalore, Disability Commissioner of Pune, Labour Court & Industrial Disputes Tribunal, Arbitration Panels presided by retired Supreme Court Judges, High Court Judges and District Court Judges, Civil Courts and Session Courts of Pune, Thane, Nasik,  Chennai and Mumbai.

Chherawala & Nalwala helps in dispute resolution in matters pertaining to Arbitration, Conciliation, contracts enforcements, dishonoured claims and cheques, consumer complaints and protection of fixed assets.

Intellectual Property Laws:

They help clients in filing of Trademark application and replies to its examinations, reports and          objections. Chherawala & Nalwala enables its clients in filing of appeal and rectification application to seal the records of the earlier proceedings.



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Chherawala & Nalwala has its offices in Pune, Maharashtra


Chherawala & Nalwala is associated with many brands and corporate names like:

  • Krome Group
  • RND Automation Pvt Ltd
  • Ashtar and Associates
  • International Attorneys to name a few.

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