CFO4SME is a Virtual CFO Outsourcing and consulting company for SMEs and start-ups which provides customised services and solution as per the requirements of its clients. It provides a strategic business partnership to its customers and enables them in developing and thriving. CFO4SME also helps in designing, developing, and delivering financial and management consulting solutions to its clients.

The company has a diverse, focused and result-oriented talent pool with varied level of expertise and years of experience led by Mr Jyoti Kumar Jain, and Subhash C. Aggarwal, Co-founders of CFO4SME. It provides a plethora of start-up support services and business planning and financial modelling services to its clients since its inception in 2013.

Services Offered

Part-time Financial Controller and CFO Services:

CFO4SME provides virtual and shared CFO services to start-ups and smaller businesses which can’t afford or don’t require a full-time CFO. It helps in overall accounting, cost optimisation financial control and management, managing direct, and indirect taxes. The services provided are customised as per the client’s requirements and is very cost effective.

  • Periodical Reporting, Analysis & Consultation:It helps its clients in periodical reporting and analysis of their process implementation, success, and probable setbacks in their business. It also enables in compilation and processing of data with the aid of MIS reporting and analysis.
  • Start-ups Support Services:It advises the management on the various aspects of business establishment and development for start-ups and SMEs so as to enable their businesses to thrive in the market. It enables the clients in establishing and formulating various processes and functions necessary for a business to run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Financial Mentoring: CFO4SME enables customers in establishing financial integrity in their business and make sound decisions pertaining to fund allocations, taxation, and accounting transactions, thus improving business profitability. It helps the business in Cost Analysis and helps in providing suggestions for reduction to increase the profitability of the business.
  • Business Planning, Financial Modelling, and Investors’ Pitch:It helps SMEs and Start-ups in planning their businesses and strategically pitching it to the investors. It helps the businesses in representing the performance and functioning of a financial asset or portfolio of a business or project and in internal auditing. It also helps in developing and analysing the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of the business. CFO4SME helps in making decisions pertaining to risk analysis and mitigation.
  • Capital Planning and Fund Raising: CFO4SME enables its clients in planning and raising funds from various sources.
  • Turnaround and Growth Strategies: It provides its clients on the verge of dissolution to understand the reasons behind the failure of their business through SWOT analysis and root cause analysis to identify and rectify the problem.
  • Financial, HR and IT Outsourcing: It provides outsourcing solutions to its clients in the financial, HR, and IT domains.
  • Corporate Social Profitability: It helps its clients in understanding the impact of CSR as a means of increasing profitability in business.



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CFO4SME has its offices in New Delhi, Noida, and Mumbai.


CFO4SE provides financial and consulting services to SME and start-up companies across various domains.