CFO Bridge

CFO Bridge, founded in 2012 by V Srinivasan, offers CFO services to the start-ups and small & medium enterprises segment. It has serviced more than 60 clients till date and at present, is concurrently serving 30+ clients across diverse industries in the cities of Bombay, Pune and Bangalore.

The services are offered through a team comprising CAs & MBAs under the direct supervision of an experienced CFO. CFO Bridge offers services in the fields of financial governance, smart analytics, pricing / costing analysis, process improvements and funding [debt & equity]. The services can be in the form of specific assignments or in the nature of retainer. The present team comprises 4 partners and 15 employees.


Services offered by CFO Bridge

Image result    Virtual CFO

CFO Bridge’s virtual cfo services practice works with companies across Industry verticals, types and sizes in delivering the CFO agenda. They take full charge of the company’s CFO/ Head of Finance function as their Ongoing/ Interim CFO.

CFO Bridge virtual cfo services works with companies across ownership patterns including Family Managed businesses, Private Equity/ Venture Capital backed companies, Early stage companies and Indian subsidiaries of Multinationals

Image result    Business Valuation

Most of the companies seek valuations as the management wants to know the Value of assets, Subsidiary companies, Joint Ventures or Investments. Valuations constitute a significant part of any transaction process, be it in the nature of an Acquisition, Divestiture, Joint venture (JV), Merger or De-merger.

CFO Bridge provides business valuation services to help management evaluate various options. The valuation is based on a careful consideration of the facts and circumstances, and insight into the relevant valuation methodologies and approaches.
CFO Bridge have gained immense appreciation for providing a superior quality business valuation services. The service is exactly rendered by skilled professionals by making use of cutting-edge technology with following defined industrial norms. 


Image result    Business Plan writing

If you want to stand out with a unique Business Plan, CFO Bridge begins with a brainstorming session with you and your senior management team on the overall plan. Thereafter they research information about your company, your products/services, your industry and your competition to build the text portion of the Business Plan document.

They supplement the plan with detailed financials, including sensitivity scenarios and ratio analysis to ratify various business statements. Thereafter, they also design a version of the financial model for you to track on regular basis, as your working budget file.


Image result    Due diligence

In an acquisition process, the potential for future growth is just as important as understanding the target’s historical data. To secure a favorable transaction price, mitigate risk, and position yourself for a larger return on investment, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s the seller’s financial forecast?
  • Are its operations solid?
  • How strong is the market?
  • What are key items to address in the first 100-day plan post-close?

CFO Bridge’s due diligence experts can help you with pre- or post-deal due diligence. Whether you need expert analysis from the buy-side or sell-side, their team will provide thorough analysis and recommendations to aid in your business decisions.



Image result    The Team

Srinivas Swamy is a Founder – CFO on demand/ Indpendent Director at CFO Bridge. He provides a vision is to provide high quality financial governance to Startups and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) at an affordable cost. It thus “bridges” a systemic “gap”. CFO Bridge LLP creates a virtual CFO Office by bringing in multiple talent like book keeping, MIS, Analytics, business planning, fund raising , taxation and other regulatory compliances.

Sunil R Udapa is Managing Director of CFO Bridge. He led a dependable team of professionals who work hard to deliver results. Their approach to issues is business focused, holistic, data driven and challenges the status quo. They bring in a fresh perspective to business issues and have demonstrated that they stand true to their tagline “make a positive difference.

Joydeep Sarkar ( COO) is experienced professional in executing the financial strategy and compliance for our company and it had resulted in sustainable and profitable growth. Experience of CFO Bridge with SMEs and Professional Start-ups is very notable and highly valued for our management team as we are growing with them.


Image result    CFO Bridge clients


Finance services are industry agnostic as finance function cuts across all industry and business segments. CFO Bridge has seamlessly served & is serving clients in the areas of manufacturing, wearable devices, fintech, micro-finance, storage solutions, fmcg healthcare, e-surveillance, hyperlocal, cold chain transportation, agricultural services, beverages, processed food, agricultural commodity, real estate, etc.


CFO Bridge has its offices in Mumbai & Bengaluru