Andromedia Productions

Andromedia Productions is a one-stop solution for every audio, visual, photography, graphics and advertising needs. It is based out of New Delhi with affiliates in Mumbai, Hong Kong and London. Andromedia houses a team of talented producers, directors, cinematographers who undertake projects related to TV shows, corporate videos, ad films, music video, graphics, animations and special effects.

It was established in the year 2005 and has a company size of around 11-50 employees, headed by Rahul Pal, founder Andromedia Productions.

Services Offered

Corporate Films, Ad Films, Documentaries:

Andromedia Production provides ad promotions and advertising campaigns for corporate companies and its services through videos and presentations. It uses the best-in-class technology and latest techniques to record and document the concept and documentaries.

Production Coordination and Management:

It helps in providing production support in coordinating many projects ranging from a 3-member crew to a 500-member production crew. It helps in arranging production support for location management, studio permits, clearances, accommodation and catering, renting equipment, travel and transport, hiring a production crew and cast. It also undertakes production of the entire project.

Editing, Animation, Graphics, and Special Effects:

Andromeda has an expert team which can provide 2D/3D animation, graphics and special effects. It also helps in editing feature films, television programs, commercials, photo editing, and retouching to ensure that the end result is stunning and engaging.

Print and Photography:

Andromedia Production enables the clients in getting stunning photo shoots, portfolio building, and printed ads.

Aerial Filming:

They offer aerial filming with the aid of drones which are suitable to carry HD cameras and DSLRs (based on client’s requirements and budget). These enable capturing of scenes and video shoots from an altitude.

Sports and Live Events Coverage:

Andromedia helps in covering live events like cricket matches, football matches, races and rallies among other events, and also enables live coverage and broadcasting of these events throughout the country.




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Andromedia Productions has its main office in New Delhi, India and affiliate offices in Mumbai, Hong Kong and London.


  • Andromedia Productions is associated with the brands like Discovery, AXN, BBC, Star TV, Astro Malaysia, Prima Singapore, ARY Dubai, FTV Paris,
  • Corporate coverage: Synapse, CPA, Arts of India, Taj Falakhuma
  • Feature Films: Besharam, Vishwaroopam, Time Out, the Partition, Swayam Krushi
  • Advertisements: Slice, Vaio, Louis Vuitton, Aviva.
  • Animations: Department of Energy, Yorkshire Water, Rotary, Federal-Aid, Eligible Highways among many others.

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