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Introduction of the service

My website is not supporting new upgrades….it is slow in loading pages. My customers are complaining about not able to get information they want as navigation takes a lot of time to load…Redesigning of website gives me creep as my initial experience of designing and developing website was too bad…

I am not good at the technicalities and cannot afford an in-house team…There is when my friend suggested to outsource the work of website re-designing. Hmmm… this is making some sense; now that I can save myself from the hassles of follow-up with the team.

Redesigning of website has become mandatory for the businesses, as it helps your business to gain the kind of visibility without hitching on particular device. Rest assure about the time, energy and money you would be spending as professional outsourcing redesigning website services are experts and knows their client requirements.

Features of Redesign of Website Services

  • Quick to download web pages, graphics and images
  • Quality web content
  • Clear and user-friendly navigation
  • Web compatibility
  • Comfortably viewed; easily viewable in all screen sizes without a visitor having to scroll horizontally (left to right).
  • Search engine optimized

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You don't have to redesign your entire website at once. You may just need to update the most viewed pages, like your home page and/or your content landing pages.

  • Most people only need to update their sites every 18 months to two years.
  • The average redesign only takes 3 months or less to implement.
  • The average cost is 10% or less of a marketing budget.

Redesigning (responsive) websites, you don't need to have a separate mobile site, and your users can switch easily between devices, which people increasingly prefer.

According to Google, 90% of viewers tend to move between devices to complete a task, and 74% of the users themselves say that they are more likely to return to a site if it is mobile-friendly.

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Much like getting a new phone number and waiting for the phone books to print the new directory with the number listed, search engines need time to “publish” a new database that includes your site.

  • With successful strategies for marketing your site, the dominant search engines, Google, Bing! and Yahoo will normally pick up a site in a few months.
  • The site may not rank highly at first, but can be found for your company name for instance.
  • Ranking at the top of the results can take over a year depending on the search engine.
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Yes. After redesigning your website equipping it with responsive (mobile website) design elements, the website created are by default search engine optimized (SEO) and the website design is compliant with Search Engines guidelines.

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  • It can improve the experience of your users and better serve their needs
  • It makes your site more up-to-date or visually appealing, improve the display or surfacing of content, include a new product or business strategy, display a new company brand or message
  • It becomes better optimized so it ranks higher on search engines, therefore, allowing prospects to easily find you, which often helps to generate more leads
  • It is cheaper, faster, and easier than you think
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There is no “one fit all” answer to the question of how much it costs to re-design the website. The reason that re-designing of website costs vary so greatly is because every website is different.

Factors such as the specific features, goals, and size of the website all affect how much it costs. Also, it depend on the outsourcing redesigning website service provider you choose; small agencies will charge less and big brands would be costly. However, the basic could be anything ranging from INR 10,000.

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