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Introduction of the service

Thank you for calling “mycompany”. Don’t forget to check out for a list of our latest specials and events.”

“It looks like you recently called us and were disconnected. Can we attempt to reconnect you with the agent you were speaking with?

“We’ve noticed that you were just on the line with us. To better serve you, we would like to place your call at the top of the queue. You can stay on the line for this feature

The greetings that callers hear when they connect with your call center set the tone for the entire interaction and are therefore directly tied to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Creating a positive opinion of your company means making it easy for customers to get what they need. With conversational IVR, your callers will feel like they’re talking with their very own personal assistant.

Features of IVR Services

  • Reduce the cost of handling your customer calls by 71%
  • Implements quickly with minimal IT effort on your part
  • Let your agents focus on high-value interactions
  • Your custom-built application deployed on industry leading voice platforms with carrier grade reliability
  • 24/7 NOC and Customer Support
  • Direct VoIP/SIP support for both Inbound and Outbound IVR
  • Advanced bridging support for Inbound and Outbound IVR
  • Secured facilities with no single point of failure
  • ASR and TTS support for multiple languages
  • International TDM and VOIP/SIP support
  • Full call recording
  • SIP Gateway Flexibility
  • On demand scaling
  • Fully redundant, geographically diverse operations centers

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  • IVR provides automated access to information and services over the phone.
  • It integrates a company's telephone and computer system to become a voice computer that transforms the caller's telephone into a terminal capable of directly accessing information and services.
  • IVR answers inquiries by prompting callers to input data onto the touchtone keypad, looking up the record in a database and speaking back information.
  • It can also ask the caller for information, accept the answers as they are entered on the keypad and store the information in a database.
  • Being a voice computer, an IVR system is capable of many-advanced transaction processing tasks.
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IVR can be divided into many types:

  • Inbound IVR: Users call the IVR number, so it is called inbound IVR.
  • Outbound IVR: IVR calls out to the users, so it is call outbound IVR.
  • On Premise IVR: IVR system which is installed on the premise to be used exclusively by the company. It was only kind of IV before.
  • Hosted IVR: With advent of web based applications as well as internet penetration, it is now possible to host IVR system at remotely. So it is called hosted IVR system.
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  • Never miss a call
  • Provides 24/7/365/ customer care
  • Answer customer calls from anywhere
  • Instantly scale up your business
  • Quick and easy deployment
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Prior to signing an agreement, IVR service provider will analyze the IVR requirements and these will be jointly approved by both you and the service provider.

  • Once the contract has been signed, DSC programmers will begin developing this application and will provide a test version for you to approve.
  • Once approved and further tested, it will be implemented at our IVR call center or shipped to you with your IVR phone system.
  • This entire process generally takes just a few days or weeks, depending upon the complexity of this application.
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  • Your IVR results can be reviewed on a real-time basis using our online IVR Reports.
  • Custom reporting and analysis can be designed with your IVR application and these results can be either emailed or faxed to your organization on a periodic basis.
  • Using our IVR VoiceXML procedures described above, IVR results can be sent to your computer systems on a real-time basis as well.
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  • With cloud telephony, one can hope to find any interesting and innovative telephony application to appear, solving real world problems and serving diverse population.
  • Cloud Telephony means, you do not have to deal with telephony jargons, knowledge of how telephone works as long as you know what you want your telephone to do.
  • Most of the time, it is pretty simple for everyone to understand, make/receive(pick up) a telephone call, hang up or disconnect the call, play an audio file, transfer the call, conference the call.
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Implementation prices are based on system capacity and application complexity. Fulfillment service are billed either on per transaction fee or connect time basis.

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How can we help you?

At our job is to understand your service requirements in detail with the budget,location preference of vendor and time convenience for you to connect with the shortlisted vendors.

You will not have to discuss the same thing with multiple vendors . Instead you only explain your requirements to the Relationship Manager @ SMEJOINUP and get connected at your convenient time to relevant vendors.

Please fill in as much details as possible to get the right matching vendor

Step 1: Fill in your requirements

Step 2: Our Relationship Manager understands the requirements in detail over a call

Step 3: We connect you to the most relevant vendor at your convenient time

Step 4: If you are not satisfied with the vendor , we connect you to more vendors